Sonnox Essential Plug-In Bundle (HD-HDX, Download)

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The Essential Plug-In Collection from Sonnox provides four high-quality processing and precision control plug-ins for use in mixing and general audio production on native based audio systems.

Plug-ins include the Oxford EQ and Dynamics, the Oxford Reverb for creating virtual spaces, and the SuprEsser for fixing problematic frequencies.

Whatever your taste in music, you’re guaranteed to have heard Sonnox plug-ins hard at work on countless hit records already - perhaps without even knowing it! Their pure and transparent characteristics ensure a supremely clean yet punchy mix that exudes class. The Sonnox Essential Collection has all the essential ingredients to polish your mix to perfection.

Widely accepted by professional mixers as their ‘go to’ EQ and compression plug-ins, the Oxford EQ and Dynamics plug-ins have become a much-loved industry standard. Their clean sound and precision control put them in a class of their own. Joining this classic duo are the highly flexible Oxford Reverb and the SuprEsser – an amazingly natural sounding de-esser plug-in.

What's Included?

Sonnox Oxford EQ - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Reverb - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)