Sonnox Elite Plug-In Collection (HD-HDX)

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The Elite Plug-In Collection from Sonnox provides seven high-quality processing and precision control plug-ins for use in mixing and general audio production.

Plug-ins include the Oxford EQ and Dynamics, the Inflator for maximizing loudness, the Transient Modulator for changing the characteristics of audio material, the Oxford Reverb for creating virtual spaces, the preset-packed Oxford Limiter, and the SuprEsser (native only) for fixing problematic frequencies.

The Oxford Plug-ins have earned a world-class reputation for their high-quality processing, precision control and intuitive graphical interfaces. The Sonnox Elite Collection contains seven powerful mixing plug-ins used by professionals worldwide.

The legendary Oxford EQ and Dynamics have become industry standards in professional mixing; the Inflator and Limiter plug-ins offer unparalleled level control; TransMod adds incredible punch without compression artifacts; Oxford Reverb allows unique spaces to be designed; and finally the SuprEsser plug-in is the final word in professional de-essing.

What's Included?

Sonnox Oxford EQ - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Inflator - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford TransMod - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Reverb - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Limiter v3 - Plug-in (Native, Download)
Sonnox Oxford SuprEsser - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)