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Cranborne Audio designs professional audio equipment for project, large format, and home studios. They believe in modern workflows, modern components, and modern ideas whilst capturing the essence of your favourite eras - so you can get that sound.


Say Goodbye To Cable Clutter. Say Hello To C.A.S.T.



N8: The central hub to your C.A.S.T.-enabled studio.

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N8 is an advanced audio distribution hub that uses Cranborne Audio’s C.A.S.T. system to transform network cable (Cat 5e, Cat 6, or Cat 7) into 4-channel analogue snakes and breakout boxes that can be routed around the studio or stage.

Set N8 in your control room and patch directly to the IO of your audio interface via DB25. N8 then converts analogue IO from the audio interface into 4 discrete C.A.S.T. connections that can be distributed to C.A.S.T. breakout boxes such as N22 and N22H in your studio or on the stage.

In a real-world example, a vocal booth created with XLRs, would require 2 XLR cables for microphones, 2 more XLR cables for a stereo monitor mix for the singer, and a headphone amp with power. And after that, unless you're handy with a soldering iron, you'll be left with trailing XLRs and no discrete box to patch to.

N8 and C.A.S.T. replaces all of that complexity with one networking cable and neat, compact breakout boxes over distances up to 100m (330ft).



500R8 & 500ADAT: Elevating The 500 Series Standard


Two 500-series racks, designed to integrate into your studio in two ways.

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"I like my audio interface, but I want to integrate 500-series into my setup"500ADAT


500ADAT expands your audio interface with eight 500 series slots, analogue summing, and mixing facilities using ADAT.

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"I'm looking for a new audio interface at the centre of my studio" 500R8


500R8 is a complete, standalone audio interface for PC/Mac and enables 28/30 channels of recording directly into your DAW.

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Camden EC1 & EC2: Upgrade Your Interface

Upgrade your audio interface with the acclaimed and multi-award-winning "Camden" sound.

This preamp, signal processor and headphone mixer is available in single (EC1) and dual (EC2) channel models.



N22H: Reference-Quality Headphone Amplification



Lift the veil from your headphones with the same reference-grade headphone amplifier developed for Cranborne's flagship interfaces.

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Browse the full Cranborne Audio range here, or contact us to discuss how Cranborne's modern approach to vintage sound can enhance your studio.