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Evo 4

If you're a podcaster, a musician, a producer, or any artist looking to record yourself with high quality, check out the Audient EVO 4, a 2-channel USB audio interface that makes capturing audio effortless. This unit may look tiny, but it packs two pristine mic pres, a Hi-Z input for instruments, two 1/4" monitor outputs, and a headphone out that can power a variety of cans with power and punch.

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Evo 8

Evo 8 is a 2-in/2-out desktop USB audio interface featuring EVO preamps offering 58 dB of gain range, JFET instrument inputs, and class-leading AKM AD/DA converters.

Capture your microphones and instruments and start recording audio directly to your computer with the Audient EVO 8 USB Audio Interface and its intuitive feature set. Combining leading tech specs with incredible performance and sound quality, EVO 8 is the perfect interface for beginners and pros alike. Made for the smart creative, EVO 8 will deliver a powerful recording solution no matter your art-form.

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Evo Start Recording Kit

Start your journey into the world of audio recording with the Start Recording Bundle, a professional, powerful and versatile solution for home recording. Experience a combination of outstanding audio performance and innovative technology to make sure you achieve studio quality recordings from the start.

What's Included?

• 1x EVO 4 Audio Interface

• EVO SR1 Condenser Mic 

• EVO SR2000 Monitoring Headphones

• EVO Shockmount

• XLR Mic Cable

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