At Protel, we specialise in finding the perfect solution to fit your needs. Our Sales staff are industry experts with up to 25 years of knowledge. See below just a few of the applications we can assist in.


Live Streaming

Live streaming is becoming an increasingly popular and affordable way to share what's in front of you in real-time to a world-wide audience. From sports games to business conferences the uses for this technology are limitless. Here at Protel, we can help you to build the perfect live streaming set-up to suit your needs and budget. We source from only the best suppliers in live streaming equipment and with on-going support on all our products you know you are getting a product you can trust.


For a full guide on how to Live Stream >Click Here




Audio Post Production

Boasting an impressive range of monitors, mixers, controllers, software and everything in between Protel really is your one-stop-shop for audio post-production. Our staff are experts in this area and are happy to help you to build your perfect work-station, ensuring that the process is seamless and easy so that you can get polished and professional audio every time.


Video Post-Production

We can help you to build your perfect editing suite starting from a MAC or PC and supply you with the latest and best software/hardware available - we have no doubt we can build the system to meet your video post-production requirements.


Shared Storage

As the world develops to become more digital our need for smart storage is increasing. Luckily Protel can help by providing solutions to this issue. Centralised solutions are the future of storage, allowing for multiple users to access files with speed and ease. We have access to and/or can tailor these shared storage solutions to suit your needs so you can ensure all of your data is accessible and secure.


Live Sound

Mixers, speakers, mics - if it is to do with Live-Sound we sell it. Our expert staff have expansive knowledge in all things live sound and we stock the latest and best products in this area. If you would like to discuss Live Sound solutions please get in contact and we will do our best to find the perfect solution to suit your needs.


Content Creation

Whether you’re a musician, photographer, videographer or editor we can help make your content creation goals a reality. We do so by supplying you with the right tools to create the perfect reflection of your art. Cameras, Mics, software and accessories we have it all. So if you want to create the perfect product of your creativity, get in contact to see how Protel can help.


Media Asset Management

Media asset management (MAM) is the process and software used to manage high-volume video and multimedia files. At Protel, we can help you to use this technology to streamline content creation and distribution processes of digital video content. Thus making for an effective Media Asset Management system to fit the need of you and your organisation.


Wireless Communications

Here at Protel, we have a wide range of wireless communications equipment that can be used for a variety of different functions. Movie sets, construction sites, manufacturing plants and drama sets are just some of the uses for this robust technology. If you are after a clear and effective communication solution get in contact to see how Protel can help.