BrightSign LS425 Entry Level Media Player

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The BrightSign LS425 Entry Level Media Player is a top-notch choice for your signage needs, offering unmatched quality and performance at an affordable price. With its HD 1080p60 video, and HTML5 capabilities, this media player effortlessly showcases looping video, graphics, and HTML content while supporting digital audio and USB-C interactive peripherals.

Thanks to its compact and slim design, the LS425 seamlessly fits into any space, making it versatile for various installation requirements. Furthermore, its use of BrightSign OS guarantees maximum security, reliability, and longevity, providing you with peace of mind.

Key Features:

  • Plays flawless HD, HTML5, graphics & digital audio

  • Displays simple HTML5 widgets and animations

  • Packed with unique signage features to enable captivating experiences

  • Flexible for connected or o ine environments

  • Supports single touchscreen experiences

  • Ultra-thin, efficient design easily fits into tight spaces & streamlines serviceability

  • Runs BrightSign OS to boost reliability, security & uptimes