Genelec 9320A SAM Reference Controller

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UNIO – Bridging in-room and personal headphone monitoring
As a bridge to UNIO, the compact 9320A enables you to create, optimise and manage a single, liberating workflow – for professional loudspeaker and headphone monitoring options, from stereo to immersive and beyond, which are easy to access, trust and cross-reference, wherever your work takes you.

Genelec's new UNIO Platform empowers professionals to confidently work anywhere. As a key UNIO element, the 9320A integrates in-room and headphone monitoring for a single, reliable workflow – completely personalised for total accuracy.

Unique qualities and user benefits

1. Tactile monitor control from stereo to immersive

  • Management of scalable Genelec Smart Active (SAM) Monitoring systems

  • Easy management of alternative monitoring systems in one room

  • Intelligent one-button switching for seamless in-room and headphone monitoring

2. AES/EBU connectivity for the purest signal path

  • Versatile in-device monitoring options

  • High-quality DAC conversion of signal

3. Reference grade headphone output

  • Professional-grade headphone output

  • Enhanced headphone monitoring using Aural ID™ Technology

4. Speaker calibration with GLM and calibrated listening level

  • Automatic GLM AutoCal™ calibration

  • Alignment of all monitoring options

5. Safe listening – Noise dose estimation 

  • Hearing health support during monitoring

How is it used?

The 9320A is designed for professional audio engineering on fixed and mobile setups.
Ideal for stereo and immersive music studios, game audio studios, broadcasting, streaming and AV post-production, the 9320A offers smooth management of SAM Monitoring systems – from stereo to immersive – and direct connectivity for monitoring of analogue and digital AES/EBU stereo audio over loudspeakers and headphones.

The in-device audio input options are: 

  • Stereo USB audio

  • Two analogue balanced line inputs

  • Stereo AES/EBU digital audio

These three alternative inputs provide extremely flexible connectivity, with the ability to smoothly switch between each input and to easily channel the signal to directly connected analogue and digital stereo or stereo-with-subwoofer loudspeaker monitoring or professional headphones. Each output can be level-aligned for smooth switching across all inputs and outputs.

The 9320A is intended to be set up and used with a computer running GLM software and Aural ID software but can be also used in independent mode.

Powered by USB and equipped with a Type C USB interface, the 9320A consumes a maximum of 2.5 W of power, making it compatible with any computer-based DAW. Additionally, when USB interfaces cannot offer power, a separate USB Type C power input is provided. The audio bandwidth for all input/output combinations extends up to 46 kHz and offers a dynamic range exceeding 120 dB, THD+N lower than -110 dB, and minimal input to output latency in the range 2 to 3.2 ms.

Ways to use the 9320A:

  • 9320A ‘Out of the Box’ – Dual Stereo Basic

  • 9320A with GLM – Dual Stereo GLM

  • 9320A with GLM – Dual Stereo / Headphone Immersive

  • 9320A Dual Stereo In-Room Immersive / Headphone Immersive Plug-in

  • 9320A Stand-Alone Aural ID + Immersive SAM Monitors

  • 9320A Dual Stereo In-Room Immersive / Headphone Immersive App

Package contains:

  • 9320A GENELEC SAM™ Reference Controller.

  • USB Type C to Type C cable (length 2 m).

  • Genelec factory-calibrated reference microphone and microphone holder.