360 Systems DigiCart 5 - Broadcast Digital Audio Recorder and Player

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360 Systems’ DigiCart 5 advanced audio system continues a 30-year history as a first-choice for audio spots in broadcasting. With the new features, the DigiCart 5 is a powerhouse for integrated audio.

Key Features:

  • New intuitive interactive user interface

  • Full color touchscreen provides real-time information

  • Playout of wav and mp3 files

  • Various remote access and contro

  • File management for clip organization

  • RGB backlit keys allow quick identification or status of buttons

  • Backup and restore of system settings and / or system content

  • Built in editor allows setting of head and tail points + fade-in / fade-out starting points

  • 50 GB of internal solid state memory

Modern Workflow
The next generation of DigiCart was designed with a modern broadcast workflow in mind, implementing new features based on customer feedback. For over 30 years, the DigiCart has provided the broadcast and professional audio industries with an intuitive hardware solution for audio playout and recording. The newly designed DigiCart 5 provides much of the same functionality of previous generations but adapted to improve ease of use. Moving audio content over a network via FTP or file sharing or transferring files from USB devices has been simplified. The inclusion of both wav and mp3 file playout provides additional options for content providers. Record or playout over Ethernet using the optional Dante® module improves ease of connectivity.

Intuitive Operation
The redesigned front panel and simple touch screen configuration in the DigiCart 5 provides ease of setup and operation. With 10 banks of 10 Hot Keys accessible from the front panel, content playout is quick and reliable. Record and playout audio directly to and from the internal solid state memory.

Professional Audio
The DigiCart5 maintains the professional audio quality, reliability and performance of the previous generations of the DigiCart systems. The addition of the optional Dante® module allows for audio input or output over Ethernet to other Dante® enabled devices.

Remote and Local Storage
The DigiCart 5 comes with 50 GB internal storage providing ample room for storing wav or mp3 files. With plenty of storage, recording short sound effects to full-length musical performances is simple. In addition, audio clips can be transferred to external storage via FTP, file sharing or through the use of USB storage devices.

Making Use Easier
The large, full color, touchscreen provides detailed information on the status of the system while providing a simple interface to conduct common functions. Accessing content to load onto the Hot-Keys or viewing bank information is even easier. The built-in editor allows for simple head and tail trims, and the adjusting of fade-ins and fade-outs of any clip. These settings are now stored in the metadata of the clip so edits are maintained when transferring content out of the unit for archiving or to another system. USB keyboard and mouse support provides the ability to rename content or navigate the system.

File Management
The DigiCart 5 now has a built-in file management system that allows the user to organize media, copy or move files and obtain information about clips and playlists. Edit clips or playlists, assign clips to Hot-Keys or move files by navigating a familiar folder / file structure. In addition, external USB and network drives can be accessed directly from within the file management system. Backup or restore the Hot-Key database, settings database and or the system content to easily retain copies or reset systems without having to reprogram.