Tascam DR-10L Digital Audio Recorder c/w Lapel Mic

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The DR-10L is an ultra-compact digital recorder / lavalier microphone combination. Designed for both the creative filmmaker and the busy videographer, it is a powerful problem solver providing professional sonics and high convenience. For location recording, a DR-10L can be mounted to each on-camera actor, making booms, wires or expensive (and unpredictable) wireless systems unnecessary. The DR-10L is also an inspiring tool for the experimental audio designer thanks to its portability, high quality and a tiny, professionally spec’d microphone.

For added flexibility, the included wired lavalier microphone is affixed via a screw connector compatible with most Sennheiser lavalier microphones and other mics with the same connector.

Key Features:

• Micro-sized audio recorder with lavalier microphone, microphone clip and windscreen included (cable length: 160 cm)
• Records to microSD/microSDHC card (up to 32 GBytes)
• Linear PCM mono/poly recording at 44.1/48 kHz, 16/24 bits
• BWF-compatible WAV format allows inclusion of time information within audio files
• Recording and playback of MP3 format files
• Sampling rate: 44.1/48 kHz, resolution: 16/24 bits
• Bit rate: 128/192 kbit/s (recording), 32–320 kbit/s (playback)
• Switchable limiter to prevent clipping
• Switchable low-cut filter to reduce low-frequency noise
• Low/Mid/High/High+ recording level settings
• Automatic level control available