Anton/Bauer VM4 4-Position Micro Battery Charger (V-Mount)

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VM4 4-Position Micro Battery Charger (V-Mount) - Lightweight, compact quad battery charger.
Charge four V-Mount micro series or two regular-sized V-Mount batteries simultaneously while powering your camera accessories with the lightweight and portable Anton/Bauer VM4 battery charger. Lithium-ion batteries, like the Anton/Bauer Titon Micro 90 (94Wh 10A) charge in approximately 3 hours. The XLR4 output converts AC to DC power when charging or can be used to deliver battery power to devices that only have an XLR input.

With four V-Mount micro battery mounts and an XLR4 DC output the Anton/Bauer VM4 charger is the ideal solution for roaming imagemakers. Simply connect to AC power and pop the integrated support stand to create a quick-to-set-up plug and play charging station for Gold-Mount batteries, and a 16.7VDC 4.5Aconvertor for XLR power input devices. The slim profile is designed to stack and pack, perfect for transportation when space matters.

The VM4 charger is designed to protect your batteries and any powered devices from damage. Intelligent safety technology constantly monitors all devices and will automatically stop charging if a fault is detected or any attached battery reaches an overvoltage condition. A built-in fan ensures that the charger can be relied on for peak performance when things start heating up on set.

Key Features:

  • Simultaneously Charge 4 x V-Mount Micro Batteries or 2 x Regular-size V-Mount batteries

  • Simultaneously Charge and Output via XLR

  • 4-Pin XLR 16.7VDC 4.5A Power Output

  • Portable Design with Carry Handle

  • Lightweight Compact Battery charger

  • LED Charge Status Indicator

  • Integrated Support Stand

  • Advanced Safety Monitoring