RED KOMODO 6K Production Pack w/ CFast Card and Accesories

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KOMODO® 6K is the latest breakthrough product in RED's long line of innovative image capture technology. The newest entrant into the RED lineup is a compact and highly powerful cinema camera. It features RED’s cinema grade image quality, color science and sensor technology into a portable form factor so users can take it anywhere and adapt it to any shooting scenario.

The new sensor in KOMODO is a 6K S35 global shutter sensor that breaks new technical ground by eliminating the need to sacrifice dynamic range and meets the RED standard of unmatched imagery without any creative or technical compromises. KOMODO also features a built-in Canon RF mount allowing users the flexibility to use numerous different lens adapters, such as Canon EF, PL and Leica M mount. KOMODO also has a DC IN power port and can also be powered using two Canon BP style batteries.

Whether you are working on a major film production with multiple cameras, or you are an on-the-go content creator, KOMODO will fit the need for your job.

Get all of the production-level accessories needed for professional and studio work, including Expander Module and Outrigger Handle. As with the KOMODO® Starter Pack, KOMODO 6K Production Pack comes with the Wing Grip and RF to EF Adapter with ND Filter, media and media reader, and Ptap-to-Power Cable.


  • KOMODO® 6K Camera System

  • KOMODO® Outrigger Handle

  • KOMODO® Wing Grip

  • KOMODO® Expander Module

  • RED® PRO CFast 512GB

  • RED® CFast 2.0 Card Reader

  • RED® 1.8m PTap-to-Power Cable

  • Canon RF to EF Adapter w/ Variable ND Filter

  • Wasabi Power BP-970G Battery

The KOMODO® Outrigger Handle is a low profile handle that offers full 360 degree swivel rotation and adjustment for maximum flexibility. Rugged design and integrated Record Start/Stop button, shooters can go into any project always ready to capture the perfect shot. The handle also has two 1/4-20 mounting points for additional flexibility in rigging.
The KOMODO Outrigger Handle is ideal for shooters who use one hand on the handle for grip and record button access, and the other for lens adjustments or support.

The KOMODO® Wing Grip is the perfect handle solution, offering comfort and utility for carrying or shooting with your KOMODO. Featuring an ergonomic machined grip with tactical 1/4-20 mounting points. It is ideal for lightweight camera configurations and offers a low-profile handheld option.?

The KOMODO® Expander Module is designed to support professional shooting configurations. With options for video and communication connections, including Genlock (BNC), GPI (BNC), Timecode in (BNC) and CTRL (4-pin). The KOMODO Expander Module creates the flexibility to support a vast array of options when it comes to how users will rig their KOMODO. Constructed from lightweight and durable aluminum alloy, the module provides a reliable option for multiple rigging solutions with multiple 1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points and ARRI-style locating holes along with an integrated quick-release plate.

RED® PRO CFast 512GB is the official certified media card for the KOMODO™ 6K. The media is CFast 2.0 compliant and offers a durable build that is x-ray and magnetic proof.

Connect an EF or EF-S lens to your EOS R camera using the Drop-in Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R, expanding your available lens options while also providing the ability to add a drop-in filter to your photographic endeavors. This drop-in filter adapter lets you utilize a variable ND filter, and because it's one size fits all, there's no need to purchase multiple filters to fit various lens diameters. The Drop-in Filter Mount Adapter EF-EOS R's matching design means smooth connections while a rugged, dust- and water-resistant construction adds to its flexibility.