Tascam BO-16DX OUT Breakout Box

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The Tascam BO-16DX/OUT is a rackmount 16-channel DB25 to XLR male designed to deliver multi-channel conversion between D-Sub 25-pin and XLR 3-pin male for system installers, A/V technicians, and audio engineers in houses of worship, clubs, restaurants, and live stage applications. Its 16 channels of I/O include two DB25 female connectors and 16 XLR 3-pin male connectors.

The enclosure occupies 1 RU and allows rotatable orientation to avoid unnecessary stress on cables. The reversible rack ears enable the BO-16DX/OUT to be positioned with either the XLR or DB25 connectors facing forward. Being passive, it requires no power source. A rackmount screw kit is included for easy installation.

Key Features:

• For Live Stage & Commercial Installation
• 2 x DB25 Female Inputs
• 16 x XLR Male Outputs
• Rotatable Orientation
• Reversible Rack Ears
• Passive Design Requires No Power Source
• Includes Rackmount Screw Kit