Hawk-Woods ATOM 4-Channel (NP1) Fast Charger

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Charge your V-mount batteries while on the go anywhere in the world with the Hawk-Woods ATOM 4-Channel Fast Charger for V-Mount Batteries. This slim charger can simultaneously charge two batteries at a 2A rate, before moving on to the next two batteries. Since it sits vertically with two batteries mounted, the charger takes up less space than traditional chargers. The ATOM 4 features three LED indicators per battery bay, providing you with information on the charge status of each battery.

With its 4-pin XLR output, the ATOM 4 also does double duty as a 60W, 13.8 VDC power supply for cameras, lights, or other equipment that can draw from a 4-pin XLR. Please note, the ATOM 4 can work as either a charger or power supply, but not both at the same time. A built-in handle makes it easy to pick up and carry the charger.

Centrally located red, yellow, and green LED indicators for each battery indicate the status of the bay, as well as the charge status and capacity of each battery
A flashing red LED indicates if the battery has a fault

Key Features:

• Worldwide Power Support
• Simultaneously Charges 2 x Batteries
• 2A Charging Power
• LED Charge Indicator
• Works as Charger or 60W Power Supply

What's Included?

• Hawk-Woods ATOM 4-Channel Fast Charger for V-Mount Batteries
• Power Cable