Sonnox Mastering Plug-In Bundle (Native, Download)

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Sonnox Mastering bundles the Oxford Dynamics v3, Oxford EQ v3, Oxford Inflator v3, Oxford Limiter v2, and Fraunhofer Pro-Codec plug-ins. It provides engineers with a collection of precision tools to enhance and prepare their mixes for distribution.

Sculpt the tone of your stereo masters with Oxford Dynamics and Oxford EQ. Control their dynamic range and achieve maximum loudness with Oxford Inflator and Oxford Limiter. Use the Fraunhofer Pro-Codec to compare the effect of various codecs on your mixes and produce compensated masters optimized for specific target codecs.

Note: An iLok2/3 key is required if one is not already on the system.

Welcome to the brand new Sonnox Mastering Bundle; a hand picked selection of our Plug-Ins focused on getting the very most from your 2-bus and the files you subsequently deliver.

Sculpt tone with pinpoint accuracy, control dynamic range transparently and achieve maximum loudness, density and presence without sacrificing transient detail. Then deliver your music, with full confidence that it conforms to industry accredited true peak levels and that encoded distribution versions won’t be rejected.

What's Included?

Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - Dynamics Plug-In (Native, Download)
Sonnox Oxford EQ - EQ Plug-In (Native, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Inflator - Loudness Plug-In (Native, Download)
Sonnox Oxford Limiter v3 - Plug-in (Native, Download)
Sonnox Fraunhofer Pro-Codec - Plug-in (Native, Download)