Sonnox Oxford Envolution - Plugin (HD-HDX, Download)

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The Oxford Envolution from Sonnox is a plug-in that goes beyond traditional envelope shaping by providing comprehensive control over the transient and sustain portions of an audio signal. Attack, hold and release can be independently adjusted, with the transient and sustain processing applied optionally in the frequency domain.

There are two modes for selecting which frequencies to process. A broader tilt mode and a more focused parametric-style mode both achieve their purposes without splitting the signal into separate bands, allowing them to be both freely used in parallel routing configurations, without creating phase-cancellation problems.

The plug-in can be inserted on a track, bus, or master output to add presence or distance to drums, piano, guitar and any other percussive content. Additionally, the software can be used to dampen excessive ambience or conversely allow the ambience to bloom. A difference button helps zero in on a particular effect, or the result can be used as an effect in and of itself.

Note: An iLok2 key is required if one is not already on the system.

Key Features:

• Frequency dependent control of Transients & Sustain
• Tilt/parametric targeting of frequencies to process
• DIFF button to solo the effect
• Use in parallel without phase cancellation
• Warmth control for:
• Harmonic saturation/tone shaping
• Prevention of excessive output levels
• Many great presets to get you started