Sonnox Oxford DeBuzzer - Plug-in (Native, Download)

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The Oxford DeBuzzer from Sonnox is a plug-in that removes hum and buzz from audio material and is divided two stages - detection and removal. For the process to work well, the fundamental frequency must first be very accurately defined.

The plug-in features several ways of helping isolate the fundamental frequency. First is the Peak Profile that shows the strength of a given nominal frequency in the input signal. Second is the large FFT display which accentuates any frequency components that are consistently present, making them stand out in the plot. It will automatically mark the three highest peaks found, and the nominal frequency can then be set by clicking one of the peaks on the graph.

The third method uses a tone generator in the same way that one can tune a guitar. As the generated tone moves closer to the fundamental, the beat frequency between the tone and the fundamental will become slower and slower. Noise removal is accomplished using a comb filter. The comb filter has multiple tight notches that eliminate the fundamental frequency and associated harmonics.

Fast and effective removal of buzz, hum, whine and whistles.

Use the intuitive display to help isolate the fundamental frequency – it’ll constantly give you feedback on the top contenders – or define it manually with the help of a tone generator. Don’t worry if the fundamental wanders, the default Auto Tracking Mode will follow it in real time. The harmonics of your problem fundamental frequency will also be tracked. All that remains is to engage the default comb filter or the optional parametric EQ, and then fine-tune the content that’s removed using DIFF auditioning.

Key Features:

• Ultra high resolution detection and removal of unwanted:
- buzz, hum, whine and whistles
• Separate Detect and Remove Sections for intuitive workflow
• Very accurate setting of fundamental over 3 frequency ranges
• Tracking Mode to follow fundamental and its harmonics
• Comb filter for tight removal over many harmonics
• Parametric EQ for more musical removal over fewer harmonics
• Audition removed buzz for confident fine-tuning

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iLok USB device. iLok2 / iLok3 required with latest drivers