Crane Song Avocet 2A - Stereo Monitor Controller w/ Remote

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Crane Song Avocet - Stereo Monitor Controller w/ Remote and 24/192 Dtoa

The Crane Song Avocet IIA is a high-resolution digital monitor controller from Crane Song, capable of hyper-accurate D/A conversion. Featuring three digital inputs, three analog inputs, three dedicated monitor outputs and a built-in headphone system, the Avocet IIA has everything you need to monitor audio with unparalleled transparency.

Why spend thousands on vintage tube mics, fully discrete analog preamps, and vintage tube compressors that cost more than some cars if you’re going to use a cheap monitor control that colors and distorts your sound? The Avocet IIA features all-new Quantum DAC capable of up-sampling audio to 211 kHz with less than 1pS jitter. Monitor your tracks with unprecedented clarity, and start mixing with confidence.

Every captain needs a steering wheel to sail the ship—the Avocet IIA is the ultimate command center for your home or large format studio. Perfect for mixing, mastering and even video production with support for 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, the Avocet IIA offers total control when monitoring audio. The Avocet IIA boasts three stereo sets of analog XLR inputs, three dedicated digital AES inputs, an optical input and a S/PDIF input, allowing you to route signals from anywhere in your studio. On the other end of the signal chain, the Avocet IIA features three stereo analog outputs, capable of connecting three sets of speakers—each with their own dedicated subwoofer output. The built-in headphone system allows for crystal-clear monitoring with your favorite headphones.

You’ve seen it sitting on desks in studios all across the world—a slick grey box with series of colorful buttons and a big green knob. Featuring a discrete rack mounted unit and a sleek grey remote with an ergonomic design, The Avocet IIA looks as good as it sounds. In addition to standard speaker select and volume controls, the included remote control also offers instant access to tons of great features like mute, phase, mono, talkback and headphone controls. The dedicated 16 BIT button immediately truncates the digital input to 16 bits, allowing you to hear what your track will sound like post-bounce.

Key Features:

• With D / A Wandler
• 5.1 & 7.1 surround applications via extensions
• 5 Digital stereo inputs: 3x XLR AES, SPDIF RCA and TOSLINK
• Hi-end integrated 192kHz / 24bit Quantum D / A Wandler
• All incoming digital signals are up-sampled to jitter reduction
• 3 Analog stereo inputs: XLR balanced
• 3 Analog stereo monitor outputs: XLR balanced, inputs 1 and 2 can be monitored together
• Sub-D 25-pin accessory with multiple functions
• All inputs and outputs can be individually adjusted in level and non-volatile stored
• Dedicated subwoofer output for each of the three stereo speaker outputs
• Analog audio section in Class-A technique
• Volume control via relays
• Connection possibility of an optional analog and a digital peak or VU meter
• Talkback function of connecting a microphone
• Integrated headphone amplifier
• Format: 19 "/ 2U

5.1 and 7.1 options are available - Please get in contact for more information.