Kv2 Audio - JK1 - Active DI BOX - Line Driver

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The JK1 features two 1/4" jack inputs with mix or parallel function with a fixed low cut filter and 15dB pad. Phase Shift and Ground Lift switches are also available. The JK1 is ideal for connection of single keyboards, Guitars or instrument amplifier output conditioning or combining two inputs via the mix function.

Key Features:

• Line Driver
• Phantom power supply
• Two asymmetrical inputs: Jack 1/4"
• Mix or parrallel input modes
• Low cut switch
• Low impedance output
• LINE OUT - phase switch selector
• GND ground switch selector: Lift/Gnd

Applications: Specifically designed as a single channel Active stage Direct Injection (DI) box to maintain and preserve the signal integrity between input and the mixer

• Live performance
• Fixed installations
• Portable