Kv2 Audio - JK2 - Stereo DI BOX - Line Driver

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The JK2 features two 1/4" jack inputs with parallel monitor outputs as well as RCA inputs. The JK2 has two completely separate channels and can be used with two different instruments, or stereo keyboards and other two channel sources such as laptops, computers and Ipad. The JK2 features a variable pad, Phase shift and Ground lift switch.

Key Features:

• Line Driver
• Stereo DI
• Phantom power supply
• Multiple inputs: Jacks 1/4", RCAs
• Adjustable sensitivity: 0, -12dB, -24dB
• Low impedance outputs
• LINE OUT - phase switch selector
• GND ground switch selector: Lift/RC/Gnd

Applications: Specifically designed as a two channel (Stereo) Active stage Direct Injection (DI) box to maintain and preserve the signal integrity between input and the mixer

• Live performance
• Fixed installations
• Portable