Kv2 Audio - JKA - Acoustic DI BOX - Line Driver

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The JKA is a dedicated DI for acoustic instruments. The JKA features a high-impedance 1/4" jack input capable of receiving signal from all types of pick-ups. A +10dB gain boost is available for low-level instruments. The JKA also features a tuneable notch filter for eliminating the resonant frequency in an acoustic instrument, reducing feedback issues.

Key Features:

• Phantom power supply
• High Impedance 1/4" Jack input
• Tunable notch filter
• Adjustable sensitivity: 0, +10dB
• Two outputs: Low impedance XLR, 600O Jack 1/4"
• Phase switch selector

Applications: Specifically designed as a dedicated single channel Active stage Direct Injection (DI) box for Acoustic instruments to maintain and preserve the signal integrity between input and the mixer

• Guitars
• Violins
• Live performance
• Fixed installations
• Portable