Kv2 Audio - JKP - Passive DI BOX - Line Driver

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The JKP serves as a universal passive DI box with low output impedance. The JKP features one XLR input and two 1/4" jack inputs in parallel. The JKP is designed for multiple instrument connection such as keyboards, guitars or instrument amplifiers direct output. The JKP also features phantom power supply pass-through for condenser microphone connection and output signal Line Driving.

Key Features:

• Passive DI box
• Phantom power supply Pass-through
• Two intputs - symmetrical / asymmetrical jack + XLR symmetrical connectors
• LINE OUT 1:2 / 1:4 ratio
• Adjacent MONITOR OUT 1:1 / 1:2 ratio
• 1:2 ratio - 4 times lower output impedance
• 1:4 ratio - 16 times lower output impedance
• Correct driving of difficult lines over long distance

Applications: Specifically designed as a single channel Passive stage Direct Injection (DI) box to maintain and preserve the signal integrity between input and the mixer

• Live performance
• Fixed installations
• Portable