Grace Design m908 Multichannel Reference Monitor Controller

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The Grace Design m908 Monitor Controller is a multi-channel monitor controller capable of handling everything from mono playback devices to full-on 22.2 surround sound stages. Equipped with cutting-edge AD and DA converters, next-generation s-Lock pll technology, and powerful DSP processors, the M908 delivers stunning sound with imperceivable latency.

Designed for audio professionals working in surround sound and immersive formats, the Grace Design m908 Monitor Controller offers top-of-the-line conversion, clocking, and monitoring. The m908 utilizes powerful DSP processing to achieve high-resolution volume control, advanced bass management, easily-calibrated channel delay, and comprehensive dowmixing functionality.

Monitor up to 24 channels of audio for immersive surround sound formats such as ATMOS, DTS:X and Auro 3D. Capable of managing playback systems from AM radio through next-gem Dolby theaters, the m908 has you covered with support for playback systems from mono through 22.2 surround.

The Grace Design m908 features inputs for up to 16 channels via ADAT or up to 24 channels via USB. Additional AES3, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK stereo inputs are included for added flexibility. Use the m908 to monitor massive systems with 16 analog outputs, and support for up to 24 channels of AES3 I/O.

Perfect for working with large sessions over long distances, the m908 supports optional Dante or DigiLink modules with up to 24 additional inputs and outputs. The m908 also supports optional ADC modules with 8 or 16 additional inputs.

Featuring a discrete 2U Audio Control Unit with an external 1U, ½ rack dual redundant linear power supply, and an ergonomic LCD/LED desktop monitor controller—the m908 looks just as good as it sounds. Equipped with a built in SPL meter, pink noise source you’ll never have to second guess your levels again. The on-board reference quality headphone amplifier and flexible talkback system make the m908 remote control more than just a monitor controller — it’s your new studio centerpiece.

Key Features:

• Latest generation of AD and DA converters, 4th generation s-Lock pll for vanishingly low jitter
• Powerful DSP processor for high resolution volume control, bass management, channel delay and dowmixing
• Up to 24 channels for immersive surround formats such as ATMOS, DTS:X and Auro 3D
• Manage playback systems from mono through 22.2
• Full bass management capability
• Channel level and delay calibration
• Comprehensive downmix control
• Analog 16 channel Out / AES3 24 channel I/O
• ADAT 16 channel In / USB 24 channel In
• AES3, S/PDIF, and TOSLINK Stereo In
• Optional Dante or DigiLink module for 24 channel I/O
• Optional ADC module for 8 or 16 channel analog Inputs
• Powerful and ergonomic remote control unit for access to all system controls
• Built in SPL meter and pink noise source
• Dual redundant external power supply
• Reference quality headphone amplifier with cross-feed
• Flexible talkback system with built-in mic on remote control and mic input for external talkback mics
• Up to 3 stereo CUE outputs in addition to stereo headphone monitoring

Available with the following optional ad-ons:
• 8-channel AD Option
• 32-channel Dante network option for m908