Hear Technologies Switch Back M8RX Personal Monitor

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A Preamp and Multi-channel Headphone Monitoring Interface
With intuitive design and robust capabilities, the Switch Back M8RX™ is actually two products in one. This gives the musician a choice to play live, record, or monitor their mix all in one single tool.

The M8RX is a personal interface to be used for live sound or recording, and also a multi-channel headphone monitoring system. While compact in size, the M8RX gives individuals options to use it in multiple ways, such as a mini recording studio setup or a simple communication system.

The research and design of the M8RX is what sets it apart. Our engineers created the sleek look and feel making it perfect for hanging from a belt, mounting on a mic stand, or sitting on a table. The M8RX features a total of eight channels of audio mixing – two studio-quality microphone preamps, two channel line-inputs, and four Dante network audio inputs/outputs. The M8RX’s two mic preamps have a distortion spec below 0.001% along with zero-latency analog mixing and monitoring of the four analog inputs. With Ethernet capability becoming standard in most pro audio gear today, the M8RX includes a total of four channels of Dante network audio inputs/outputs.

Along with the same high quality headphone amplifier as in the Hear Back PRO and OCTO systems, the M8RX has 5 watts of headphone power and can be connected to a computer via the Ethernet port. The unit uses PoE power over the same Cat5e cable as the Ethernet. The M8RX is manufactured in the U.S. to ensure our customers get the quality they have come to expect from Hear Technologies.

Key Features:

• 4x4 Dante (4 Dante Inputs and 4 Dante Outputs)
• Master volume control for headphones
• Easy access to all volume controls on face of unit
• Dual-color signal and peak indicators on each input channel
• Concentric volume control on each channel reduces space and simplifies user interface by placing local inputs on the tips and Dante inputs on the rings of each knob
• True 48-volt phantom power remotely/locally selectable on each microphone input
• Burr-Brown 24-bit Delta-Sigma A/D converters
• Burr-Brown 24-bit enhanced multilevel delta-sigma D/A conversion
• 1/8” unbalanced stereo input for auxiliary sources such as metronome, iPod, external microphone preamp, etc.
• Balanced 1/4” inputs automatically have 18dB of padding over XLR inputs
• Combo XLR & 1/4” TRS balanced inputs on channels 1 & 2 for connecting microphones or instruments
• 100/1000 BaseT Ethernet
• Powered by Power over Ethernet (PoE) guarantees ground isolation between M8RX interfaces Zero latency headphone monitoring of the local analog inputs
• Gain, phantom power, and Dante status indictors tucked away on rear of unit
• Streamlined cable connections on rear of unit