Eartec UltraPAK 1-HUB, 4- UltraPAK & 4- Cyber Headsets

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Key Features
Provides Hands-Free Communication
5 Rechargeable Batteries
8-Port Charger
Medium Soft-Side Case

The UPCYB4 UltraPAK 4-Person HUB Intercom System from Eartec includes one HUB Mini Base Station, four UltraPAK Remote Beltpacks, four Cyber Headsets, five rechargeable batteries, an 8-port battery charger, and a medium soft-side case. It is designed to accommodate four-person crews who need to communicate wirelessly while simultaneously working with their hands.

The Hub is designed to extend the range of your existing Eartec wireless system by over 1000', and moreover, you can wear it on a belt, and thus allow your hotspot to travel with you or you can place it in a single, changeable location. The UltraPAK utilizes Digital Enhanced Cordless Technology (DECT) to provide simultaneous wireless communication within a quarter-mile range. It weighs only 2.5 oz and includes a volume control, mute button, and LED indicator. The Cyber Headset features a thin, malleable back band which runs around the neck and a miniature speaker that sits in the ear.

Eartec HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base for 1 Plug-In & up to 8 Wireless UltraLITE Headsets (USA)
Expand the capacity of UltraLITE wireless headsets with the HUB Mini Duplex Transceiver Base for 1 Plug-In & up to 8 Wireless UltraLITE Headsets from Eartec. This transceiver can be used when on-the-go as it comes equipped with a LiPo battery or it can be plugged-in using the included AC adapter. Regardless of how you power it, the HUB offers 1/4-mile range along with two channels of communication as well as DECT technology making it easy to stay connected across the job site.

Clips to Waist
Provides total mobility and increases system capacity to seven
DECT Technology
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications technology
Dual Power Option
Choose between a rechargeable lithium battery or AC wall plug, both included
LiPo Batteries
Take advantage of 6-hour operation
No FCC Licensing
Ready-to-go right out of the box
Eartec Cyber Lightweight Plug-In Headset with Back Band for UltraLITE HUB Intercom System
For those who prefer a lightweight headset the CYBER is a terrific option. A thin, malleable back band is what sets the Cyber apart from regular headsets. Instead of a standard over the top style headband the Cyber's band actually runs behind the user's neck while the miniature speaker sits comfortably on the ear. This unique design is what provides a discreet fit.

Eartec 8-Bay Multi-Port Charging Base
The Eartec Multi-Port Charging Base features 8 bays to recharge the batteries for UltraLITE, UltraPAK, and HUB. When the batteries reach full charge, the corresponding LED turns from red to green indicating that the battery is charged up and ready to go. The use of external batteries allows users to keep their systems up and running with minimal down time. The charge time is approximately three hours. The charging base ships with an AC adapter.