Vinten Vector 75 Fluid Head - V4095-0001

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Vinten's Vector 75 Fluid Head is modern, advanced update of their industry-standard Vector 70 head--with an improved carrying capacity, and stronger, more durable components. It combines the fluid drag system of the Vector 70 with operational improvements borrowed from their top-of-the-line Vector 750.

Infinitely adjustable counterbalance and LF drag, a retractable "T" bar slide plate positioner that gives you 13" of camera platform movement, and a high-contrast illuminated blue LED level bubble are some of the top features of the Vector 75. Fine adjustment of drag levels as well as whip pan at any level of drag makes this an industry favorite. The pantographic balance system is suitable for camera, lens and teleprompter combinations up to 165 lb. Combined with the LF drag system it provides the ultimate in smooth, precise quality of movement. The Vector 75 is well-suited for a modern fast-paced, cost-conscious production company.

Key Features:

• Infinitely Adjustable Counterbalance
• Infinitely Adjustable LF Drag
• 33cm of Camera Platform Movement
• Load Capacity of 75kg

What's Included?

1 x Vector 75 head comes with wedge adaptor and 4 x bolts,washers and spanner
1 x Telescopic pan bar (3219-82)