AIR Music Technology Structure 2

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Structure is a multi-timbral instrument with a built-in sample library and editor that enables you to combine, layer, and edit your samples. At its core, Structure has a powerful 128-level multi-timbral universal sound engine that can support up to 8-channel interleaved samples. With Structure, you can create complex, rich patches by blending together multiple samples and effects. Each patch can have an unlimited number of parts, and each part can consist of a single sample, multiple samples, a sub-patch, a MIDI processor, and audio and MIDI effects. All of these elements can be rearranged and tweaked for extensive sound experimentation.

Structure comes with a massive 37+GB premium sample sound library from AIR Music Technology. This comprehensive collection equips you with almost every instrument imaginable, and includes AIR Music Technology’s exclusive orchestral elements (strings, brass, woodwinds, and percussion), acoustic and electronic drums (including Nashville Signature drum kits captured from sessions at the famed Blackbird Studios), hand and pitched percussion, pianos and keyboards (including a new high-definition grand piano), choral sounds, guitars, basses, synth pads, synth leads, surround sounds, and atmospheres.

In addition to its built-in library, Structure can also play third party sound banks, allowing you to load and manipulate unencrypted Avid SampleCell, Native Instruments Kontakt, and Apple Logic EXS24 sound libraries. Structure supports samples with any standard bit depth, sample rate, and surround format — up to 24-bit, 192 kHz, 7.1 surround audio. Plus, its built-in REX file player can handle any tempo you may wish to work into your projects.

Key Features:

• A multi-timbral sampler instrument with a comprehensive sound library and editor
• Supports up to 128-level multi-timbral playback per Structure instance; unlimited number of parts, audio effects, and MIDI effects per patch
• 37+GB of content that includes orchestral, synths, percussion sounds, and more
• Use your SampleCell, Kontakt, and EXS24 sound libraries* (supports up to 8-channel interleaved samples)
• Supports all common bit depths, sample rates, and surround formats: Up to 24-bit / 192 kHz / 7.1 surround
• Sample Editor enables extensive waveform editing and sample mapping
• Stereo and surround multi-effects processing offers over 20 effects types
• Up to 31 auxiliary outputs allow discrete source mixing and signal processing
• 6 assignable, context-dependent Smart Knobs for intuitive programming
• MIDI Learn functionality allows easy mapping to MIDI controllers
• Enhanced database and file browser make finding sounds easier than ever
• Integrated REX player allows you to use and manipulate REX 1 and 2 files
• Supports LFO and mod wheel assignments imported with your EXS24 samples