Radial Pro48 Active Direct Box

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The Pro48 from Radial Engineering is a high-performance active direct box designed specifically for guitars and bass with active pickups that produce considerably higher output. It exhibits excellent headroom and dynamics.

Utilizing 48V phantom power from a mixing console, the unit employs an innovative digital switching power supply that significantly increases headroom and allows for less distortion while yielding a smooth, linear response.

This makes the Pro48 an ideal candidate for use with battery powered active basses and acoustic guitars that can tend to overload direct boxes. An input pad helps prevent overload from hot signals and a ground lift switch is provided to reduce noise caused by ground loops.

The Pro48 is constructed using 14 gauge steel with Radial's unique book-end design that provides protective zones around the switches and connectors. The internal welded I-beam construction assures outside stress will not torque the PC board.

High resolution active direct box
48V phantom powered with digital switching
Excellent headroom and dynamic range with low noise floor
Ground lift switch, when activated helps to reduce hum and buzz caused by ground loops
Pad switch engages a -15dB pad to reduce the input level and prevent overload from high output devices like CD players and active pickups
Connectors are 100% electrically isolated from the chassis
Inner steel enclosure is made extremely rigid with an I-beam profile, eliminating any stress that could torque the PC board and cause solder joint failure
Military-grade double-sided PCB is bolted to steel standoffs for road-tough construction
For live situations the neoprene foam foot provides electrical isolation and plenty of friction to stay put