Sony RM-30BP MultiCam Remote Control

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The RM-30BP is the successor to the RM-1000BP, the industry’s first comprehensive, multifunctional remote commander.

Ideal for freelancers and small-budget productions, the lightweight remote can be handheld, placed on a table or attached to a tripod arm for operation. The RM-30BP can control most camera functions including:

• Lens control: one push auto / manual focus, iris and zoom control
• Camera control: recording / display functions, shutter speed, white balance - including six assignable buttons
• Playback and multi camera control (up to 3 cameras)

The RM-30BP can also be connected to the new MCX-500 for multi camera control directly from the switcher, and is compatible with the HXR-NX5R and PXW-FS7 v4.0, with plans to introduce compatibility for other Sony camcorders.

Key Features:

• Works with HXR-NX5R and PXW-FS7 v4.0
• Works with Select Sony Camcorders
• Provides Focus, Iris, and Zoom Control
• Provides Camera Control