Datavideo PD-6 Camera Power Center

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The PD-6 Universal VAC to VDC Camera Power Distributor from Datavideo is a power distribution center designed to fit a 1RU 19" rack mount. The PD-6 supplies steady and sequenced voltage for production kit whether on location or in a studio. This unit features eight outputs which can be configured individually at 48, 24, 14.4, or 12 VDC with a total power consumption of 360 W. You can use the CB-22H, CB-23H, DDC-4012H, and VP-605H accessories for the PD-6 along with this power distributor.

Key Features:

• Automatically adjusts to work with 50Hz or 60Hz supplies between 100-240 VAC
• 8 DC outputs with a combined total power consumption of 360W
• Each DC output can be switched to provide 12, 14.4, 24 or 48v
• Each DC output has a multi-colour LED confirming the chosen
• Voltage by colour
• The unit is designed to provide both DC & AC overload protection
• Compatible with CB-22H, CB-23H, DDC-4012H en VP-605H. Please note that the “non-H” versions of these accessories are NOT meant to be used on the PD-6. Refer to FAQ for more information.
• Standard 19" - 1U rack mountable case