Datavideo DAC-45 4K Up/Down/Cross Converter

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The Datavideo DAC-45 has been crowned as the successor to the world-renowned DAC-70, the Swiss army knife of video converters. The DAC-45 has all of the same features as the DAC-70, with the addition of 4K HDMI support. Thanks to its built-in super resolution engine, users can now up-convert from SD 480 resolution all the way to 4K resolution with excellent image quality and sharpness. Future-proof all your video equipment with the DAC-45. It is a bridge that connects all your equipment together to complete your workflow.

Key Features:

• Successor to DAC-70 Converter
• 4K HDMI Support and Genlock
• Convert as Low as 480i to Ultra HD 4K
• Convert VGA/HDMI/SDI to 4K HDMI / 3G-SDI