Datavideo TVS-2000A Tracking Virtual Studio System

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TVS-2000A is the world’s first true 3D tracking virtual studios that utilize PTZ camera position tracking. Tracking the camera movement with a PTZ camera ensures a lifelike and convincing virtual experience. Using a 3D studio with PTZ tracking is another game changing invention of Datavideo that helps the end user create high-end productions in a cost effective way.
This 3D virtual studio is available in two ways. A regular rackmount 4RU PC chassis is available to be built in into your existing studio. And for the first time ever we’ve built a handcarry version of one of our virtual studios. Especially when you create educational productions, or when you travel to different production facilities this system will be of your preference. The handcarry version houses the full system, control panel and a monitor into a compact flightcase.
Setting up this virtual studio is not harder than setting up a regular PTZ oriented camera production. Since the studio relies on the position data from the camera movement, you don’t need a tracking jib or crane. This solution will bring high-end virtual studio production right to your school, local TV station or business.

Key Features:

• 3D tracking virtual studio with two 3G-SDI camera inputs / two 3G-SDI outputs
• HDMI AUX input/output
• DisplayPort, HDMI, and DVI operation monitor ports (up to 3)
• PTZ camera support in tracking and trackless modes simultaneously
• 80 virtual sets included
• Support for 2 still images and 2 still text overlays