Zaxcom Deva 24 Mixer/Recorder

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Deva 24 is the newest incarnation of our Emmy and Academy Award winning line of Deva mixer / recorders that have set the standard for capturing field audio. It features a touch-screen interface that’s instantly familiar to past Deva users and intuitive for new users.

Features Include:

• Detachable face for remote applications
• Mix AheadTM fader advance of up to .5 seconds
• 24 Track recording
• 12 Mic/Line inputs with phantom power
• 4 Line level inputs
• 16 AES inputs with AES42
• Touch-screen interface
• NeverClipTM inputs with 136dB dynamic range
• 12 hardware faders
• Three recording media (1 x SSD and 2 x CF cards)
• MARF fault-tolerant recording format
• 3-Band EQ with two notch filters per channel
• Input and output delay
• 10 second pre-record buffer

Option Accessories Include:
• Mix-16 control surface with touch-screen GUI
• Oasis 8-fader control surface with touch-screen GUI