Lewitt Microphones - LCT940 Tube/FET Combo

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The LCT 940 Premium Large-Diaphragm FET Condenser and Tube Microphone from Lewitt combines the specific characteristics of a premium large-diaphragm FET condenser microphone and tube microphone in one housing. You can choose between the two main settings ("FET" and "Tube") or mix and merge the characteristics of the two, providing various creative possibilities for artists and producers. The LCT 940 also features a total of nine different polar patterns: cardioid, omnidirectional, figure-8, wide-cardioid, super-cardioid, and four additional intermediate patterns. The microphone's PSU (power supply unit) offers four levels of attenuation and four switchable high-pass filters, indicators, and push buttons for noiseless handling. Additional attributes are automatic attenuation and clipping history. The microphone and the PSU are connected via an included 26' 11-pin XLR cable.

Key Features:

• Blend tube and FET circuit at any ratio
• Studio centrepiece
• 12AX7 tube
• Remote control and power supply in one
• Multi-pattern design