Avid S1 Tactile Control Surface - 8 Fader

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The Avid S1 is a compact 8-fader EUCON control surface designed to work seamlessly with the free Pro Tools | Control app and iPad (iPad sold separately). S1 provides the unparalleled speed, rich visual feedback,and software integration of Avid’s high-end consoles in a slim line surface that’s an easy fit for any space or budget. Avid S1 gives you deep hands-on control of your favorite audio and video software and, together with the free Pro Tools | Control app for iPad, provides great ergonomic efficiency, easy touch workflows,and S6-style metering and processing views, so you can navigate large sessions quickly, mix more intuitively, and turn around better sounding mixes fast.

Avid S1 Control Surface Key Features:

• Accelerate your workflow - From muting and soloing tracks, editing plugins, and routing signals, to writing surround panning automation and triggering macros, S1 provides total hands-on access to your audio or video project, giving you greater speed and precision than mixing with a mouse and keyboard alone.
• Get deep hybrid control - S1 delivers the best of both worlds, providing motorized, touch-sensitive faders, touch-sensitive knobs, and physical keys integrated with a touchscreen to support VCA spill, monitor control, custom layouts, and other pro-level capabilities beyond what MIDI-based controllers can offer.
• Work with your favorite creative tools - S1 offers deep integration with Pro Tools and Media Composer, plus native support for third party audio and video applications, including Logic • Pro, Cubase, Premiere Pro, and more, to dramatically speed up editing and mixing tasks.
• Navigate large sessions fast - Instantly jump to tracks by simply selecting one in Tracks View or swiping through multiple channels in Mix View on the touchscreen, eliminating tedious software click-throughs. S1 automatically banks to follow your every move.
• View your mix in great detail - From high-res metering, including gain reduction and 9.1 surround support, to automation status and EQ, dynamics, and panning graphs, S1 gives you incredible insight into your project, so you can stay informed and make better creative decisions.
• Get S6-style monitoring control - With the dedicated Monitoring View, you can quickly assign and control talkback, listen back, and speaker sources and levels right from the surface to speed up recording and mixing workflows.
• Design a surface for your needs - S1 makes it easy to scale up and reconfigure the surface as your needs grow. Connect multiple units together—and even add Pro Tools | Dock—to create a single extended and integrated surface.

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