Eartec Max 4G Single Headset 24G Radio

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Midweight Single Ear Headset for Simultalk 24G Radios.

The Max4G Single headset is a tremendous headset accessory to your wireless system. Available in single or double ear models, these midweight headsets feature a fully adjustable headband and deluxe foam padding to ensure a firm, comfortable fit. Boom arm rotates 270 degrees and when set in the UP position automatically mutes the microphone gain.

Featuring AutoMute Boom Technology
The "AutoMUTE Boom" is a brand new technology developed by EARTEC engineers and is included with all Max4G headsets. These specialty microphone assemblies feature an internal micro switch that automatically mutes the headset mic gain when set to the UP position. Using AutoMUTE is a simpler, more efficient way to mute your microphone compared to fumbling for, and pressing, the mute button on your beltpack.