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AV Installation Applications

Genelec speakers have been chosen for some of the world’s most prestigious installations through their combination of sonic purity, adaptability, ease of installation and total reliability. Doesn’t your AV project deserve the same quality? Contact Protel to discuss a custom Genelec solution.

Latest AV Case Studies 

AV Installation Virtual Showroom



Venues need to be welcoming. From interior decor to sound design, each element creates a lasting impression. Sound is one area where choosing the right solution can have a huge effect.

Exceptional customer experience:
Keeping the customer happy, comfortable and relaxed requires careful consideration. Genelec's speakers combine premium audio with beautiful aesthetics, raising the quality of the whole experience. Need custom colours to match the decor? You’ll find the 4000 Series offers 120 custom colours, adding the perfect finishing touch to the ambience of any venue.

High-quality audio for every room:
Every Genelec speaker is designed for superior audio quality, easy specification and simple installation. What about different environments? Different venues playing different styles of music? To meet these requirements their speakers are flexible and reliable, featuring integrated amplifiers and crossovers plus the added benefit of Room Response Controls. This means that any speaker can be tailored to any room - regardless of its size or shape - so even demanding spaces will have clear and rich audio.

Hospitality challenges Genelec speakers can help you with
 - Restaurants
 - Hotels
 - Bars and lounges
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Hospitality Case Studies

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Corporate AV

From the reception area right through to the boardroom, high-quality audio is an essential part of conveying a premium business message. 

High-definition audio:
Superior audio is conspicuous only when it’s missing. Every corporate team demands clarity, so whether it's small teams collaborating in huddle spaces, or larger teams in the auditorium, audio quality really matters. When everything works and the message is clear, it’s almost unnoticeable - but take away the clarity and it steals focus from the team. Genelec helps put the focus back on the business message. 

Form and function:
While sound quality is hugely important, aesthetics and practicality have a part to play too. Since installations are sometimes rushed to enable completion within tight construction deadlines, ease of installation and setup can make all the difference. Whether it's via simple rear panel room compensation switches or our powerful software calibration tools, tailoring speaker performance to the room is both fast and intuitive, allowing you to configure and tune the system for optimum performance. There is no compromise in audio quality - even if the install is pressed for time.

Corporate challenges Genelec speakers can help you with
 - Boardrooms
 - Meeting rooms and huddle spaces
 - Other corporate spaces
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Corporate Case Studies


Public Places

From museums and galleries to retail, Genelec delivers a truly premium audio experience, perfectly matched to the environment. Trust us to provide pristine audio quality, a choice of 120 custom colours, and bulletproof reliability.

Performance meets aesthetics:
Our classic speaker design can be seen in public places throughout the world: compact, high-quality speakers that are easy to install and perform beautifully for years, working reliably day after day. To us, technical performance and aesthetics always go hand-in-hand, so you can also be sure that Genelec speakers will always look as good as they sound.

Perfect for any environment:
Our design approach means that you can play audio at low levels and still provide clear, intelligible performance. In difficult acoustic environments this can be a real benefit, since you can avoid putting too much energy into the space, thereby controlling acoustic problems. Built-in amplification means that the amplifier is always perfectly matched to the speaker, producing optimum performance and ensuring that the system is completely protected from damage - ensuring the longevity of the system.

Public spaces Genelec speakers can help you with
 - Retail
 - Museums
 - Galleries
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Public Space Case Studies


Music Venues

Genelec fuses power with precision to provide consistent audio quality across the entire venue. They deliver studio-grade clarity, letting the audience appreciate every last musical detail.

Live sound, studio quality
A music venue is only as good as the audio it delivers, and a Genelec venue will offer quite simply the best live music production available. Audiences will delight in hearing performances like never before, with detail and intimacy unlike any other system. With uncoloured audio performance both on and off-axis, the audience can enjoy fatigue-free listening, all night and every night.

Total dependability
Genelec's active speaker design ensures that every driver is powered by its own dedicated internal amplifier stage, for totally optimised audio performance. This technology also provides complete 24/7 dependability, courtesy of some very sophisticated speaker protection circuitry. We have decades of experience supplying demanding customers who simply can't afford equipment failure - so trust us to keep your show on the road.

Music venue challenges Genelec can help you with:
 - The main stage
 - Lounges and bars
 - Other performance areas
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Music Venue Case Studies



Genelec delivers clear and intelligible audio through robust, reliable loudspeaker solutions - helping to improve every student's understanding and maximise their potential.

Helping students learn:
It's proven that students learn better when they can hear clearly. Genelec's reputation for unparalleled audio quality means that you can be confident that students will hear everything, all the time.

Helping teachers teach:
Education is utilising increasingly mixed media, with audio coming from laptops, media servers and smart devices. Add microphones to the mix and you need a reliable solution to deliver that audio effectively. Genelec has education solutions from desktop listening, to classroom coverage, to larger lecture halls. Genelec loudspeakers are built to be maintenance-free and offer many years of reliable, hassle-free service.

Education solutions Genelec can help you with:
 - In the classroom
 - Personal listening
 - Lecture halls
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Music Venue Case Studies




AV Installation Speakers


An outstanding space deserves premium-quality audio. Genelec installation speakers are not just powerful, accurate, compact and beautifully designed, they are also extremely easy to install and will provide decades of reliable service.

AV Installation Virtual Showroom

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Smart IP

Smart IP is every installer’s dream: a range of networked active loudspeaker systems that deliver exceptional audio, power and sophisticated loudspeaker management via a single CAT cable.

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4000 Series

Premium performance, beautiful aesthetics, ease of installation and total 24/7 reliability. It’s no wonder Genelec's 4000 Series speakers have become the new benchmark in the AV sector.

4000 Series Brochure

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Architectural Speakers

Genelec's in-ceiling and in-wall options give you complete control over difficult acoustic environments, by offering truly professional sonic performance in a form factor that will blend unobtrusively into any surroundings.

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