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 For those who are passionate about expressing their vision, LUMIX offers a shooting experience that helps them take their creativity to new frontiers, allowing new kinds of expression that simply didn’t exist before. Its ease of use and sensible workflow enable creators to capture their ideas without stress. With Panasonic's focus on photographic excellence and cinematic quality, creators will sense their craftsmanship and persistent pursuit of perfection.

Panasonic is an essential partner for creators, supporting their creativity beyond conventional thinking in cameras, to be an indispensable force in the evolution of photography and video, and they continue our efforts to achieve this.


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Stepping up from GH5 – 3 BGH1 cameras use case in a theatre for live-edit and streaming

Synchronized recording with multiple BGH1 cameras for high-definition panorama content

Livestreamed concert experience featuring a band in a 6 BGH1 camera presentation 


Lumix S Series

Taking the most of two different cameras - S1 for filmmaking and S1R for photography

Making a difference in filmmaking with S1H and S1

Combination of two BS1H cameras for creating high-definition live-action VR video







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