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Since 1961, Eartec has supplied rugged state-of-the-art headset communications to multiple industries around the globe. Today, their goal remains the same: offer a unique line of affordable, simple-to-use wireless and wired intercom systems with outstanding performance.

If your job calls for split-second coordination, contact Protel at 0800PROTEL or sales@protel.co.nz for fast courteous service and expert advice. Whether you need replacement headsets or a completely new system, Eartec communication products will come through loud and clear! 



UltraLITE are revolutionary headsets that eclipse all other full-duplex systems for performance and convenience because the transceiver is built right inside the ear cup. This self-contained, “All in One” design eliminates wires and belt-worn radios. And since UltraLITE does not require complicated base stations users can remain in constant full duplex voice contact even while on the move.

Standard UltraLITE intercoms provide instantaneous wireless communications for crews that need to communicate without pushing buttons. At the heart of these systems is a specialty base or “MAIN” headset that relays the digital signals generated by up to four “Remote” units. The resulting open-line talking pattern allows up to 5 people to talk simultaneously so they can continue working with their hands.

  • No beltpack required
  • Lightweight
  • Interference-free, HD performance
  • Up to 5 headsets
  • Field programmable
  • Simple operation
  • AutoMute Boom, with 270° swivel, can be worn left or right
  • Field replaceable batteries provide 6hrs of continuous operation
  • Multi-battery charger included
  • Waterproof, padded, soft case included
  • Replaceable ear pads
  • Can be added to existing wired intercoms
  • Range of up to 400m

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Eartec Glossary

Full Duplex –  Mode of communication where transceivers can send and receive signals simultaneously.  Provides hands free, open line talking pattern.

Simplex –  Traditional Two-Way radio mode of wireless where users take turns talking. Transmissions are normally initiated by pushing a button (PTT).

Voice Activated (VOX) – Setting available for some simplex radios where users voice initiates a transmission instead of pushing a button. Voice activated DOES NOT allow users to talk simultaneously.

Digital Transmission – Microprocessor converts voice into a digital signal. Transceiver uses this digital Code, 1’s and 0’s, instead of traditional analog radio waves.

Base Station – A centralized signal relay that connects remote transceivers in a full duplex wireless intercom.

DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications – Utilized worldwide for non-licensed interference free, digital voice communications.





The HUB features a dual power option, rechargeable Lithium battery, and AC wall plug (both included). The battery can be charged externally, is field replaceable, and also charges when the HUB is operating under wall current. 


The Eartec HUB is an affordable solution for large crews who need constant voice contact while working with their hands. It is offered in two series, with UltraLITE self-contained wireless headsets or UltraPAK belt pack style transceivers and plug-in lightweight headsets for those users that need a discreet operation. 



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