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Genelec is a company founded in 1978 by a couple of Finnish students, Topi Partanen and Ilpo Martikainen.  They came up with the idea of designing a fully active professional studio monitor for the professional sound engineer after initially being asked by a friend to design a speaker for his local Radio Broadcast facility in 1976.

The first production studio monitor model was the now highly praised Genelec S30. Since then Genelec has grown exponentially moving into larger and smaller variations of this Active speaker design.  They have also recently moved into the home and lifestyle HIFI market with the G Series speakers. Over 39 years after the S30 Genelec monitoring products remain true to their original philosophy offering reliability, neutral sound reproduction, as well as the ability to adapt frequency response to the listening environment.

Genelec has pioneered many engineering firsts and has led the way in studio monitor technology. They were the first to make an active speaker design for the professional market and since then every other pro speaker manufacturer has followed this concept. Genelec was the first to move away from the traditional composite wooden box, and use solid monocoque aluminum cabinets. They still use this method today and believe it's the way forward for an absolute neutral tone.


Genelec also has pioneered the GLM technology which uses DSP built directly into the monitor cabinet in tandem with monitor calibration software to adapt the speakers to whatever room or environment you are working in. The idea is to produce and an even more neutral sound no matter what the environment. With the release of the new Genelec ONE's monitors, Genelec has made it possible to use a 3-way coaxial speaker design. This design enables the ultimate listening position without sacrificing low-frequency detail and volume. Up until now, there has always been a compromise of LF volume for mid-frequency detail.

Genelec is an extremely eco-friendly company. The Aluminium sourced for their speakers is entirely recycled. The Genelec Factory is set in a beautiful, pristine town in Finland surrounded by green trees and a blue lake. Given this, they want to keep their effect on the environment to a minimum. All design and manufacture are done within the walls of this factory to maintain ultimate quality control. If you've ever owned a set of Genelec speakers you will know they very rarely break down. They are built to an extremely high standard.


Genelec is always looking forward and with the release of the new ONES will be sure to continue making outstanding speakers at a very high stand into the foreseeable future.

Smart IP is every installer’s dream: a range of networked active loudspeaker systems that deliver exceptional audio, power and sophisticated loudspeaker management via a single CAT cable.

The Smart IP family of installation loudspeakers includes three on-wall models, an in-ceiling model and a hanging pendant model - all of which benefit from Genelec's comprehensive system management software and simple, intuitive controller app for end users. The visually elegant Smart IP range combines the finest studio-quality loudspeaker performance with all the flexibility and convenience that networked audio brings.



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