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How Easy was ILT Stadium Southland's Transition With Protel?

Date: 31-03-2021

◊ What Is ILT Stadium Southland All About?

ILT Stadium Southland is a "Community Sports and Events Venue located in Invercargill, New Zealand". 

Originally opened in 2000, and redeveloped in 2014 to the tune of $41 million ILT Stadium Southland is cutting edge. The venue is world-class, multipurpose, and capable of hosting a wide range of events including conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows.

Much more than a venue, we are the heart of the Southern community and home to 12 sporting organizations and utilized by all sectors of the wider Southland community - recreational, sporting, cultural, corporate, and entertainment of all genres.


◊ Were there any particular audio/visual needs that you were struggling with before working with Protel?

One of the main issues we had at ILT Stadium Southland before working alongside Protel Technologies Ltd was "the ability to have personal contact with a sales representative which is something important to us!"


◊ Could you tell us about the project on which you worked with Protel?

When you have deadlines and need fast actions, then Protel is the one. "Protel supplied a large order of camera and broadcast equipment for us to expand the in-house services we offer to include video and Livestreaming".


◊ How was your experience working with Protel on your project? How are things now after completion?

Working with Protel was a breeze. "Joel from our Video Specialist team actively helped source and supply everything we needed and made suggestions on equipment I was unsure of". This type of service exceeded my expectations, and Protel delivered high-quality products with an excellent experience.


◊ Would you recommend Protel's services? If so, who would you recommend them to?

"At ILT Stadium Southland, we would most definitely say yes to recommending Protel's services. For those looking to purchase media/broadcasting equipment, such as Audio Interfaces, Cinema Cameras, Quality Speakers, and much more, Protel is the place for you to find what you need".