Datavideo BC-15P 4K POV Block Camera

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Designed to be Compact

A small box design makes the BC-15 flexible enough to be mounted anywhere, and although it's compact, it doesn't compromise on quality, it features 1/2.3” 4K CMOS sensor captures high quality images and incredible details. CS mount option available.

Built-in Fixed Lens:
Built-in swappable fixed lens. No need to purchase lenses additionally, which can be costly.

1/2.3” CMOS Sensor with 4K 50/60p output:
BC-15P is one of the best cameras for capturing eSport applications with the included eSport lens. While changing back to the standard lens, it will fulfill the other wide range applications.
Support SRT streaming protocol, no need to worry about unreliable network environment
Many broadcasters have experienced pixelated video during live streaming, often due to unstable network environments caused by bandwidth volatility.
Streaming RTMP over unreliable, low-bandwidth networks can cause issues. With dvCloud, you can now replace the RTMP protocol with SRT, which will fix most streaming issues you may have. SRT is better than RTMP because it handles problematic networks more efficiently.
It requires less bandwidth, and it solves data errors faster. As a result, your viewers will experience a better stream, with less buffering and pixelization.

H.264/H.265 video compression for dual streaming:
During video production, you can stream simultaneously to two live streaming platforms such as Facebook, Youtube and Twitch. With Datavideo dvCloud, you can stream to 25 live streaming platforms at the same time and automatically back up your video files on the cloud server.

Built-in Tally Light:
Built-in tally lights make it easier for the talent to know which camera is live during a multi-camera live production.

Power over Ethernet:
The BC-15P supports PoE for easy installation. No need to find local power outlets or hire an electrician to install outlets wherever you want to mount your camera. Simply run a single CAT 6 cable to power your BC-15P.

Standard and Wide-angle Lenses:
Standard lens gives a nice clear quality of a close up POV shot, while the wide-angle lens captures a wide shot of your subject in great detail.

Physical Buttons Make Camera Setup Very Easy:
When the camera is set up, there is no need to use an additional remote controller. The physical buttons on the rear panel of the BC-15P make it very easy to adjust settings.

1/4” Screw Hole for Mounting
Changing the camera angle is easy with the three 1/4” screw holes on the BC-15P. It gives you the flexibility of mounting it anywhere.

Seamlessly Compatible with dvCloud:
Get the most out of your streaming hardware using dvCloud. The BC-15P is seamlessly compatible with Datavideo’s dvCloud service.
This subscription service give you the possibility of sending your stream to multiple destinations at the same time without having to have multiple hardware encoders.
You can also record your production on the dvCloud platform in h.264 format. After recording you can directly use this recording to upload it to your favourite content platform.

View the PDF for full specifications.