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The Avid Pro Tools | Carbon hybrid audio production system is the next evolution of Pro Tools audio interfaces. Designed to streamline the recording and mixing process so that musicians, engineers, and producers spend less time bogged down in technology and more time being creative, Pro Tools | Carbon serves up a new standard for hardware and software integration. It merges native CPU with HDX DSP acceleration for maximum performance, letting you use more plugins than ever before with real-time latency-free monitoring. Pro Tools | Carbon connects to your computer via AVB, which offers vanishingly low latency and 32-bit float precision audio streaming. Additionally, engineers are speechless over Pro Tools | Carbon’s newly designed preamps, which capture audio in stunning detail and nuance without coloration. Enjoy the ultimate Pro Tools experience with the Pro Tools | Carbon hybrid production system from Avid!

Pro Tools has remained the industry-standard recording and mixing software for decades. And it’s no wonder why: its console-style workflow and timeline-based editing window are intuitive and efficient. And numerous time-saving production and editing tools, such as Elastic Audio and Beat Detective, help you achieve professional results quickly. Pro Tools | Carbon’s hybrid engine, which allows you to use native CPU and HDX DSP processing simultaneously during recording and mixdown, provides the optimal Pro Tools experience. Moreover, its integrated features, such as zero-latency monitoring, are accessible right inside of Pro Tools — there's no need for separate control software!

When composing and recording in the box, sometimes you can hit a wall when it comes to your computer's resources. But Pro Tools | Carbon fortifies your systems’ capabilities with eight HDX DSP cores. You’ll be able to use more plugins than ever before, both in native and HDX DSP mode. Bundled with over 115 AAX DSP plugins from the AVID Complete collection, as well as virtual instruments from UVI and Native Instruments, Dave Hill’s HEAT harmonic enhancer, and numerous hardware emulations from McDSP and Plugin Alliance, Pro Tools | Carbon provides a comprehensive production system for unconstrained creativity!

Pro Tools | Carbon delivers exceptional sonic performance. Four state-of-the-art analog-to-digital converters per channel serve up pristine audio quality, with an impressive 126dB dynamic range that accurately captures quiet sources with minimal noise, and loud sources, without distortion. Newly designed, Pro Tools | Carbon’s eight preamps are some of the company’s finest yet — created for ultimate transparency and detail. And four of the eight preamps have a variable impedance control for optimum gain staging, regardless of the source. For engineers and producers utilizing outboard gear, Pro Tools | Carbon allows any of its eight preamps to be bypassed for the shortest possible signal chain.

No matter if you’re working in a small project studio or a large facility, Pro Tools | Carbon has the flexibility you need for any recording situation.

Key Features:

• Seamless integration with Pro Tools and Pro Tools Ultimate
• Merges native CPU and 8 HDX CPU cores for maximum performance
• Monitor and record through AAX DSP plugins near-zero latency
• Includes 115 AAX DSP plugs from the Avid Complete Collection
• Software package with virtual instruments and hardware emulations from UVI, Native Instruments, McDSP, and Plugin Alliance
• 8 newly designed transparent mic preamps with variable impedance on inputs 5–8
• Flexible I/O including 4 headphone outputs, 8 line inputs and outputs, 16 channels of digital I/O over ADAT, and word clock I/O
• AVB connection offers vanishingly low latency and 32-bit float precision audio streaming
• Includes a Pro Tools Ultimate perpetual license