Avid MTRX Digilink I/O Card

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The Avid Pro Tools MTRX DigiLink I/O Card for the Pro Tools MTRX will provide 2 more primary mini DigILink ports to the Avid Pro Tools MTRX modular interface. This will enable an MTRX to become the single hub for a multi Pro Tools room or a single interface for an HDX 3 Pro Tools system.

As standard, MTRX’s base unit comes equipped with dual DigiLink ports, enabling 64 channels of I/O, which is enough for an HDX1 system. However, if you have either multi-HDX or multi-workstation configurations, you require more than 64 channels of DigiLink I/O and until now these larger systems have had to rely on multiple I/O devices to provide enough DigiLink based I/O for all the HDX cards.

The 64-Channel DigiLink Option Card does away with this 64 channel DigiLink I/O limitation on the Pro Tools MTRX. Pro Tools Ultimate can now enable a single MTRX to interface with multiple HDX cards. You will be able to install up to 6 DigiLink option cards in one Pro Tools MTRX and be able to connect multiple Pro Tools workstations to just one MTRX. This finally enables the MTRX to be the workflow centerpiece for all your audio I/O, routing, monitoring, and speaker profile processing, in one unit.

Pro Tools MTRX is a powerful all-in-one flexible unit with 8 expansion card slots that allow you to personalize that flexibility to suit a particular application. A completely maxed out MTRX can provide a huge amount of I/O in a single 2U rack space and can be configured with virtually any I/O format, from analog and digital I/O, to MADI, Dante, and DigiLink.

Its capacity and flexibility make the Pro Tools MTRX ideal for audio post workflows that more and more require huge amounts of I/O for monitoring and rendering. With all these options the MTRX can streamline what would have been a multi-device setup into a single flexible, EUCON-controllable, multi-format routing solution all in the digital domain.