Genelec 1032C Two-way Studio Monitor

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The Genelec 1032C SAM Studio Monitor is designed for high-powered, near-field monitoring in pro-audio scenarios such as music studios, mobile vans, surround sound systems, multimedia installations, and TV broadcast facilities. The speaker consists of a 10" bass woofer, a 1" metal dome tweeter, an active crossover, and a directivity control waveguide to balance the frequency spectrum.

The monitor can accept both analog and digital AES/EBU signals from separate XLR jacks, and automatically detect what kind of audio is being fed into the monitor. To coordinate multiple 1032Cs, you can use Genelec’s GLM software to tune your monitor to your room, daisy-chain monitors, override automatic signal-source selection, and more. Routing is accomplished by means of a few Cat5 cables and a GLM adapter, which are available separately. You’ll note that RJ45 ports are provided for GLM connectivity. An XLR output jack is on hand for sending identical copies of incoming AES/EBU signals to other monitors.

The 1032C provides a 10" bass woofer amplified by 200W of short-term power, and can play down to 40 Hz. The 1" metal dome tweeter can play up to 23 kHz, is amplified by 150W of short-term power, and utilizes the directivity control waveguide to achieve phase and delay uniformity. Both the woofer and tweeter are magnetically shielded. The monitor provides you with multiple controls to optimize system performance for your particular listening environment. These controls are enumerated in the features section.

Key Features:

• Smart Active Monitor (SAM™) Systems
• Directivity Control Waveguide (DCW™) Technology
• Room Response Compensation
• Active Crossovers