Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G

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The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G is an audio monitoring device for monitoring analog and digital audio signals with UHD 12G-SDI and AES/EBU technology that offers exceptional quality in a compact 1U rackmount size. It features two low-frequency speakers combined with high-amplitude speakers and reinforced with a powerful Class D amplifier. It has been designed as a high-precision all-in-one solution and features a 12G SDI input offering a state-of-the-art 60p maximum speed, as well as connections for balanced analog (XLR) or digital (AES/EBU) audio, providing compatibility with high-fidelity equipment. In addition, it features a sleek line design with multi-colored digital multimeters to display signal peaks or loudness, and a liquid crystal display to monitor images. It also has a 4K HDMI output that makes it easy to connect large-screen TVs to monitor SDI sources.

The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G model can be installed in racks to control sound in recording devices and video servers, or during live transmissions. Simply press a button to switch between pairs of stereo channels received through the SDI input, which is convenient for monitoring additional audio tracks in other languages. Also, thanks to its compact design, it is ideal for portable and mobile outdoor equipment, where space is limited, or audio post-production studios where sound quality is essential.

This device has been designed with cutting-edge technology to create a frequency response curve of great amplitude and uniformity, with deep bass and well-defined high tones. The music sounds spectacular, the voice tracks are extremely clear, and no detail is lost in the sound effects. In turn, the power and intensity of the volume allow audio channels to be heard even in noisy environments, for example, in rooms where equipment fans cause a continuous buzzing sound.

The two large bright indicators on the front panel include multicoloured LEDs under each section. Vumeter (VU) or Peak (PPM) mode can be selected and EBU or BBC scales can be used. The measurement segments allow monitoring of an extremely wide dynamic range ranging from -45 to +3 dB, -12 and +12 dB or 0 and 7 dB, depending on the scale chosen. The device also has a loudness control tool that uses the LKFS standard (K-weighted loudness at full scale) to normalize the volume for broadcast content. In addition, it is easy to see the indicators in any environment, with much or little lighting.

The Blackmagic Audio Monitor 12G features a machined metal design, manufactured from solid aluminum to eliminate all types of vibrations resulting in exceptional sound quality. The sleek front panel includes volume meters, an LCD screen for viewing images and a non-contact control that makes it easy to adjust the audio intensity without distortion occurring. In turn, this model has an illuminated keyboard that allows you to select pairs of channels, isolate the left or right channel, mute the audio or choose different sources, and also has a headphone connection that provides the possibility of monitoring in private.

Key Features:

• Professional quality for monitoring analog and digital audio with UHD SDI 12G technology
• Exceptional audio quality thanks to two subwoofers and high amplitude speakers with class D amplifier
• Compact and robust 1U design, made of solid aluminium
• Accurate measurement and volume information with selection of VU or PPM mode and use EBU or BBC scales. Includes replaceable scale

What's Included?

• Blackmagic Design Audio Monitor 12G Audio and Video Monitoring
• PPM and Loudness Scale Stickers
• SD Card with Software and Manual