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Synchro Arts VocALign Pro V4

Synchro Arts VocALign Pro V4
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Audio Alignment Plug-in for Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase, and Nuendo - Mac/PC AAX, AS, AU and VST3
NZ $905.00

VocALign PRO is a more powerful version of the unique VocALign automatic audio alignment tool. It is a unique audio software solution that provides audio, post production, and multimedia professionals with flexibility and power to quickly complete audio alignment tasks-all within Logic Studio or Pro Tools as an AudioSuite plug-in, and can process any 16- or 24-bit audio. VocALign PRO automatically stretches or compresses one audio signal to match the timing patterns of another audio signal, saving you time and money. No matter if you're a mix engineer or a post-production specialist, VocALign PRO can patch up virtually any alignment problem you encounter. From lip-synching to double-tracking, VocALign PRO can handle it!

One of the new features of VocALign PRO is increased alignment accuracy that is achieved with a new and more sophisticated pattern recognition algorithm.Another handy new feature is comprehensive audio preview options that allows listening from VocALign to sections or whole signals before and after alignment, individually, or together. You can now re-use an alignment path on another Dub signal (Can be used for multi-track microphone recordings, e.g. simultaneous close and distant mikes. The new and improved TimeMod (time compression/expansion): optimized for single- pitch signals but maintaining the option to use an alternative TimeMod algorithm for more complex signals. Plus, there are now longer maximum signal length; Now align tracks up to 5 minutes long.

Editors in film, TV and video post production, music and multimedia, now have more control over any required audio alignment editing. They will be able to target the alignment of the replacement signal (Dub) to the Guide where it is required, by using the new Sync Points feature and can keep sections of the Dub from being edited by specifying Protected areas. These features will be invaluable for certain types of noisy or reverberant Guide signals and especially useful for foreign dialogue replacement. In addition, the new Preview Controls allow much more detailed examination of parts or all of the two signals, together or separately, both before or after alignment to confirm the quality of editing and alignment. The other features such as improved overall quality of automatic alignment and micro-editing will save the user even more time and frustration.

Synchro Arts VocALign PRO Audio Alignment Plug-in Features at a Glance:

  • VocALign PRO V4 takes just seconds to automatically align audio signals
  • Simple, intuitive operation and Audio Suite plug in integration with Pro Tools
  • Sophisticated pattern matching techniques reject guide track noise
  • Works with 16- and 24-bit audio
  • The aligned audio can be auditioned within VocALign PRO
  • The Pitch of aligned audio is unchanged
  • Increased alignment accuracy
  • User settable Synch Points targets audio alignment at specified pairs of points in the 2 signals
  • Protected signal block functions
  • Comprehensive audio preview options
  • Ability to re-use an alignment path
  • New improved TimeMod (time compression/expansion) optimized for single pitch signals
  • Longer maximum signal length — Now up to 5 minutes (previously 2 minutes)

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