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Lewitt DGT 650 USB Microphone

Lewitt DGT 650 USB Microphone
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iOS // OS X // Windows USB stereo microphone and audio interface in one.
NZ $868.70

Key Features

  • Condenser
  • Stereo
  • Low-Cut & Attenuation
  • Digital
The digital multi-tool
The LEWITT DGT 650 is a stereo USB recording solution and interface for PC, Mac and iOS devices in one single package. It features four recording modes: XY Stereo, Vocal & Instruments mode (cardioid pattern), Singer-Songwriter mode combines an acoustic and a line source – like vocals and guitar – recorded on separate tracks and Stereo Line In mode (for capturing a stereo line signal like a synthesizer or a mixing board's stereo output). MIDI input is also available in all four modes. The DGT 650 features 24 bit / 96 kHz, 110 dB dynamic range, and two-step pre-attenuation and low-cut filtering. With asynchronous USB transfer, support for OS X Core Audio and ASIO for Windows, the option to crossfade between zero-latency direct and minimum-latency tape return monitoring and a built-in high impedance amplifier for studio headphones in one single device, you will be equipped to handle a wide range of possible applications: recording vocals, instruments and live acts wherever you go, stereo miking, field recording, podcasts, YouTube productions, you name it. The DGT 650 is your mobile recording studio – take it everywhere!

The Austrian engineered DGT 650 defines a new class in the USB microphone segment.
It is a vocal mic, a stereo mic, an instrument mic, and an audio interface.
Record in high-end studio quality at home or on the go.

The four recording modes
All modes feature MIDI input

Stereo: 90-degree XY stereophony
Vocal & Instruments: cardioid polar pattern
Singer / Songwriter: cardioid polar pattern & Hi-Z mono line-in
Stereo line in

Vocal recording
Unmatched quality - anyplace, anytime

Pure condenser sound captures your voice in studio quality. Perfect for traditional vocal recording, voiceovers, podcasts, streaming, you name it.

Professional mobile guitar recording
Our breakout box features a dedicated Hi-Z instrument input that enables you to connect your guitar or bass guitar directly to your DGT 650. Record your licks wherever you are. 

Stereo recording
Capture everything

The DGT 650 is perfect for recording concerts, rehearsals, live-sets, acoustic sessions, choirs, nature, etc.
Life happens in stereo!

Stereo line in
Use the DGT 650 as a two-channel recording interface. Record your synthesizer, mixing console, or any other audio device. Be creative – stay mobile.

Zero-latency monitoring
Professional recording demands proper monitoring functionality. Blend between zero-latency direct- and playback monitoring. This is essential to achieve the best possible performance using your mobile device.

Powerful headphone amp
Never run out of headroom
With our powerful 180 mW headphone amp, you can easily drive any set of studio headphones so that you will hear every signal loud and clear during production.

Singer-Songwriter mode
The DGT 650 is the perfect companion for the professional singer songwriter who wants to record vocals and instrument at once, but on separate tracks. The flash of inspiration can hit you anywhere- capture your ideas in the moment they come!

MIDI input
Use your MIDI device to control your favorite software synthesizers and drum machines. Start composing – and keep your beat.

Low-cut and attenuation
Adapt to every situation

Low-cut: linear, 80 Hz, 160 Hz
Attenuation: 0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB

Supreme technology
24 bit / 96 kHz high-end AD/DA converter
110 dB dynamic range
135 dB SPL max
Super-low-noise pre-amps
Hi-Z instrument input
MIDI input
Powerful built-in headphone amp
3 low-cut and attenuation settings
Asynchronous USB transfer
Built-in Li-Ion battery for >3h recording
Micro USB charging port

Control Center Software
The Control Center – available on PC and Mac – allows remote control of all parameters from your host device.
Acoustical operating principle pressure gradient transducer, permanently polarized, XY-stereo
Transducer Ø

2 x 17 mm /
0.67 inch

Polar pattern cardioid,
Frequency range 20 ... 20.000 Hz
Dynamic range of mic. Amp. 110 dB-A
Pre-attenuation pad 10 dB
20 dB
Bass cut filter slope 12 dB / octave at 80 Hz
12 dB / octave at 160 Hz
Resolution 24 Bit
Sample rates

44,1 kHz;
48 kHz;
96 kHz

Recording modes

1: left / right = microphone X/Y
2: left / right = microphone cardioid
3: left / right = stereo line-in
4: left = microphone cardioid / right = line input left

Master gain (analogue) 0 dB ... 40 dB
Supply voltage USB high-power device, 5V (+/-5%) / Internal battery
Internal battery

Li-ion, 950mAh / 3,7V; > 3h playtime
dedicated USB-mini charging port

Current consumption

< 500mA (charging)
< 275mA (normal operation)


18-pin lockable hi-speed connector


138 x 52 x 36 mm
5.43 x 2.04 x 1.42 inch

Net weight

310 g
10.9 oz


Line In
Input impedance > 1 Meg ohm
Full scale input voltage

8 dBu

Input dynamic range

110 dB-A

Frequency response 20 ... 20,000 Hz
Output power

40mW at 16 ohm, THD+N < 0.2 %20mW at 32 ohm, THD+N < 0.14 %

Frequency response

30 ... 20,000 Hz

Headphone volume control

- 60 dB ... 0 dB

  • DGT 50 Tr
  • DGT 50 Li
  • DGT 50 USB
  • DGT 50 SHx
  • DGT 50 Tri
  • DGT 40 Wx

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