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iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced - Mastering Software

iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced - Mastering Software
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NZ $845.00
  • Upgrade
  • Vintage: Tape, EQ, Compressor, Limiter
  • Dynamic EQ and Maximizer
  • Exciter and Stereo Imaging
  • Upgraded Maximizer with IRC IV
  • Codec Preview and Export Formats
  • Insight Metering Suite
  • Standalone
  • AAX, Audio Units, RTAS/AudioSuite, VST
  • Mac OS X, Windows

Ozone 7 Advanced from iZotope builds on the major updates the company made in Ozone 6, including an improved visual aesthetic for guiding users through every stage of the mastering process. Aside from the fluid workflow, the creative elements of mastering continue to be front and center in this update, allowing users to define their own sound with ease. The advanced version features several vintage modeled processors, a departure from the company's prior emphasis on transparent mastering.

The Vintage Tape module brings the distinctive richness and feel of tape saturation with all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of tape, while the Vintage Compressor module is a single-band feedback compressor suitable for subtle warming and sweetening effects. Vintage EQ allows for brightening the master, smoothing out heavy low end, and adding body to digital recordings with the musicality and color of Pultec equalizers. Insight, the company's metering suite, is included as a separate component plug-in, while Codec preview provides real-time listening to how a master will sound when rendered with various industry-standard codecs.

The Maximizer, updated for Ozone 7, features a new frequency-specific IRC IV algorithm to deliver transparent mixes with less pumping and distortion. Smooth out an unwieldy mix or tame kick drum peaks without affecting the vocals. Dynamic EQ provides finer control over audio by taking advantage of the precision of an equalizer, with the musical ballistics of a compressor, in one integrated processor.

Two equalizers are included that combine eight bands of adjustable filters with a choice of filter shapes. Each band of dynamics is capable of three types of dynamics processing - limiting, compressing, and expanding, while an exciter module allows for dialing in the right amount of bite or warmth to a master. Precisely adjust the stereo width of an audio file using the four-frequency-band Imager module.

Additional presets have been created with outcome-oriented descriptions. Dithering has been updated and includes a set of bit scopes and DC level meters. The application also functions standalone, with the added enhancement of third party plug-in hosting. Trim and fade controls are provided, along with SRC (sample rate conversion) on import, plus single- and multiple-file export with the company's MBIT+ Dither.

What's New
  • Vintage Tape module brings the distinctive richness and warmth of tape saturation to modern digital recordings with all the frequency coloration, distortion, and phase effects of tape
  • Vintage EQ features the richness, warmth, and color of Pultec equalizers with discrete frequency value selections that allow for boosting and cutting separately but at the same time
  • Vintage Compressor is a single-band compression module for subtle warming and sweetening effects using a program-dependent release
  • Codec Preview allows for listening to how a master will sound using various industry-standard codecs
  • Vintage Limiter - glue a mix together and add character with the analog-sounding final-stage limiting while retaining the ease and precision of digital maximizing
  • Export Formats - specify the file format for export from a variety of compressed or uncompressed popular choices like MP3, WAV, and AAC
  • Upgraded Maximizer features a new algorithm (IRC IV) with multiband and frequency-specific operation
  • Transparent limiting with multiple modes of the IRC (Intelligent Release Control) limiter technology, including the new IRC IV
  • Preserve rhythmic detail while maximizing loudness with Transient Emphasis, which adds smart emphasis to transients
  • Unlink stereo channels to process left and right separately with the Stereo Unlink Control
  • Get visual feedback that informs the amount of limiting with the Gain Reduction Trace meter's scrolling waveform display
Dynamic EQ
  • Choose from five filter shapes including Baxandall treble, Baxandall bass, proportional Q, band shelf, and peak bell
  • Toggle between analog and digital modes for minimum or linear-phase processing across six independent bands
  • Access targeted dynamic equalization with mid/side and left/right processing modes Intelligently adjust attack/release times automatically across the frequency spectrum with Auto-Scale mode
  • Dynamic nodes show the direction of adjustments, making it clear whether expanding or cutting
Vintage Limiter
  • Inspired by the Fairchild 670 hardware limiter, famous for its silky smooth compression
  • Fine-tune the limiter's response to fit the source material with the Character control
  • Get visual feedback about limiting with the Gain Reduction Trace meter's scrolling waveform display
  • Backwards-compatible with Ozone 6.1 presets that made use of the "Tube" mode in the Maximizer
Vintage Tape
  • Get the deep, natural sound and punchy low-end response of analog tape with the convenience of a digital interface
  • Inspired by the Studer A810 tape machine, known for excellent frequency response even at the critical high- and low-frequency range limits
  • Continuous Bias control allows for precise tuning of frequency and distortion response
  • Mix in even harmonics for warmer saturation, or leave them out for more accurate tape emulation
Vintage Compressor
  • Program-dependent release times keep the compressor's processing transparent, with longer release times for vocals to reduce pumping, and faster release times to keep drums sounding tight and natural
  • Editable high-pass, mid-peak, and high-shelf sidechain filters mimic the nonlinear frequency response of vintage hardware compressors
  • Create unique compression effects not available in traditional hardware
  • Automatic gain compensation provides automatic makeup gain, allowing for easy comparison of a mix with and without dynamics processing applied
Vintage EQ
  • Add the richness, warmth, and color of analog equalization to audio
  • Models the qualities and experience of Pultec hardware equalizers for a unique, musical way to manage equalization
  • Mid/Side and Left/Right processing modes provide control over the stereo soundstage
  • Easily load and save settings for individual modules without affecting the settings of other modules
  • Streamline the decision-making process with outcome-oriented preset descriptions
  • Intelligently automate the difficult task of finding the right release times with Adaptive Release mode
  • Automatically set crossover frequencies based on incoming audio with Learn mode
  • Adjust the dynamics of the center of a mix independently of the sides of the mix with mid/side processing mode
  • Find the perfect compressor settings with the Gain Reduction Trace view, which plots the gain reduction of all dynamics bands on top of a scrolling waveform, and get further visualization with the Dynamic Transfer Curve and spectrum analyzer
  • Add a variable slope high-pass or API Thrust-like Tilt filter for reducing pumping with the Detection Circuit Filter
Codec Preview
  • Preview how audio will sound in MP3 or AAC formats
  • Solo only the audio data that lossy compression is removing from the mix to be sure that everything important isn't getting lost in translation
  • Compensate for the sonic changes due to lossy codec compression without leaving the audio editing software
Export Formats
  • Export masters to a variety of formats, sample rates, and bit rates for wherever the music will be heard - no need for a separate converter Export rich metadata including track name, band name, album, name, and more when exporting to MP3 and AAC
Standalone Application
  • Integrate other plug-ins within an Ozone mastering chain with Audio Units/VST plug-in hosting
  • Adjust the tops and tails of audio with Trim and Fade controls
  • Instantly highlight changes and similar sections of audio with Waveform Segmentation overlay
  • Stay organized with fully contained project folders that employ iZotope's SRC (sample rate conversion) on file import, plus single- and multiple-file export with iZotope's MBIT+ Dither
Equalizer and Post Equalizer
  • Includes two equalizers that combine eight bands of adjustable filters with a variety of filter shapes to choose from
  • Choose from multiple digital and analog filter shapes including Baxandall bass and treble, API-inspired Proportional Q, band-shelf, and resonant high- and low-shelf
  • Get feedback via multiple views - Full Spectrum view, Main view, and All Bands view
  • Capture the spectral characteristics of a favorite mix and apply them to the current master with the refined Matching EQ controls
  • Adjust the equalization of the center of the mix independently of the sides of your mix with mid/side processing mode.
  • Get precise control for deep cuts with digital filters in Surgical Mode
  • Easily see how the EQ choices affect the signal with unique visualizations of phase delay, phase response, and group delay
  • Add depth and natural-sounding stereo width to mono or very narrow mixes without sacrificing mono compatibility with Stereoize Mode
  • Add width to any frequency band without causing mono compatibility problems with Antiphase Prevention
  • See the width of a mix by frequency, set crossovers, and see the effect of stereo imaging adjustments on different parts of the spectrum with Stereo Width Spectrum view
  • Easily audition the stereo signal for mono compatibility or left/right signal reversal
  • Choose from the circuit-modeled Triode and Dual Triode modes or the updated Retro, Tape, Warm, or Tube modes
  • Apply targeted processing with simultaneous multiband and Mid/Side processing options
  • View excitation by frequency with the Saturation Spectrum display and sculpt the Exciter's frequency output with a post filter
  • Add harmonics without drastic gain changes with natural-sounding Peak Saturation
  • Convert and dither to 24-, 20-, 16-, 12-, or 8-bits
  • Master tracks from a 24-bit source for lower-bit output, such as 16-bit for CD
  • Experience smoother and more consistent mix down with dither curves for 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz
  • Perform dynamic and transparent conversions with integrated DC offset filtering, auto-blanking, and dither harmonic suppression
  • Get a complete view of the conversion process with a unique set of bit scopes and DC level meters
Intelligent Visual Metering (Insight)
  • Immediately detect potential mix problems through real-time visual monitoring and color-coded alerts
  • Examine audio with a 3D spectrogram and create a detailed topographical map of audio using high-resolution capabilities
  • Extensive suite of metering tools in a single plug-in, including True Peak Meters, Loudness Meters, Loudness History Graph, Stereo Vectorscope, Surround Scope, 2D/3D Spectrogram, and Spectrum Analyzer
  • All ten Ozone modules are included as separate component plug-ins, now allowing for their use on instrument busses before the mastering stage
  • Easily create a unique signal path through a customizable signal chain, that allows combining both analog and modern processing
  • Audition with the Seamless Bypass mode engaged to gain-match bypassed audio to the Ozone processing
  • View gain-staging across the mastering chain with Module Gain meters
  • Save time with a comprehensive Undo History, and quickly compare different settings with A/B tools
  • Get vital visual information at every step of the mastering process - each module offers relevant metering that informs mastering decisions

Ozone 7 and Ozone 7 Advanced Comparison

Ozone 7 builds on all of the modules present in Ozone 6 and adds powerful new modules:

Ozone 7 Features Standard Advanced

NEW Vintage Tape module


NEW Vintage Limiter module

NEW Vintage Compressor


NEW Vintage EQ


NEW Updated Maximizer with IRC IV

NEW Codec Preview


NEW MP3/AAC Export

Dynamic EQ





Stereo Imaging

10 Component Plug-ins


iZotope Insight Metering Plug-in




System Requirements Mac
OS X 10.8 to 10.10 (Intel only)
For plug-in use, host software that supports 64-bit AAX Native, Audio Units, RTAS/ AudioSuite, VST2 and VST3 formats

Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
For plug-in use, host software that supports 64-bit AAX Native, RTAS/ AudioSuite, VST2 and VST3 formats


Plug-in minimum screen resolution: 1159 x 614
Standalone minimum screen resolution: 1166 x 827
For use of the scrolling 3D Spectrogram in Insight, Ozone 7 Advanced requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL 2.0


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