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Avid Pro Tools | HDX (PCIe Card & Pro Tools | HD Software)

Avid Pro Tools | HDX (PCIe Card & Pro Tools | HD Software)
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(9935-71763-00) Pro Tools | HDX PCIe Card with Pro Tools | HD 12 Software Perpetual License & iLok.
Software features

Create with power
With Pro Tools | HD software included, you can create and mix the largest, most complex productions easily. Record up to 256 audio tracks simultaneously, with near-zero latency. Keep sessions running smoothly with 64-bit performance and dynamic host processing. Experience exceptionally responsive recording and playback performance. And get infinite processing and mix control with unlimited busses and advanced automation.

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Make music—virtually
Get access to a wide range of virtual instruments, plus full MIDI and notation tools, to compose the parts you need. Lay down beats with the drum machine, drum samples, or loops. Add real-sounding bass, guitar, piano, and other accompaniments. And layer in a variety of other sounds to build out your song—from orchestral instruments to sound effects. Your creative possibilities are endless.

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Get advanced editing
Get the sophisticated tools you need to edit audio and MIDI with precision. Punch in and out of recordings. Change or fix tempo, time, and pitch. Comp together tracks with multiple playlists to create flawless performances. And speed up editing tasks with scrub trim, time compression, and other advanced tools.

Experience sheer speed
Experience snappy performance on even the largest projects, thanks to Disk Cache, RAM-based recording/playback, and real-time fades. Instantly keep all channel routing in check with bus interrogation. Work faster with pro-level tools, including Clip Gain, Auto Fades, and Automatch automation. You can even share sessions and collaborate with other audio and video professionals to complete projects faster.

Work with video
Creating music and sound for movies and television doesn’t get any easier. That’s because you have control of both sound and picture. Play and edit HD video and Avid DNxHD sequences right in your Pro Tools | HD timeline. View and edit up to 64 video tracks to accommodate major projects. You can even share audio mixes with Media Composer editors—and vice-versa—enabling easy collaboration.

Achieve incredible sound
Build up your sonic canvas with access to over 100 sound processors, virtual instruments, and utility plug-ins. Shape sounds with high-quality EQ and dynamics. Create beautiful ambient spaces with reverb. Get the tones of the world’s greatest guitar amps. Design unique sound effects. And fold down surround mixes to stereo with ease.

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Accelerate your mix
Deliver your final mix on time—with complete confidence. Create everything from mono to 7.1 surround or expansive Dolby Atmos mixes. Mix on the world’s most powerful control surfaces for the ultimate experience. View and optimize your mix using K-system, VU, and other professional metering standards. And with advanced automation tools, you can tackle even the largest, most complex mixes quickly.

Maximize your creativity
Looking to get a particular sound? Or maybe you want to round out your studio with more creative options. No need to get out of your chair. Shop the Avid Marketplace, right from the comfort of Pro Tools—no shirt or shoes required. Find everything from effects and sound processors to software add-ons. Or explore the over 1,000 AAX plug-ins available from Avid and other top audio developers in the Avid plug-in finder.

Hardware features

Get dedicated DSP
Computers today are more powerful than ever. And many can be used natively to create big, great-sounding mixes. But they don’t have the power to track large-scale ensembles. Or handle mixes with large volumes of plug-ins. With HDX, you get dedicated DSP power to run Pro Tools and your plug-ins, plus host power too. Each card can also handle 256 voices—that’s 4x more than HD Accel. And more than what your computer can probably handle, freeing you from technical worries, so you can be more creative.

Go bigger
Got an old TDM system? Get up to 5x more power per HDX card than Pro Tools | HD Accel so you can do more with less expense. Create huge sessions with up to 768 audio and 512 instrument tracks. Double your ins and outs with up to 64 channels of I/O per card—or up to 192 I/O channels with three cards. And handle large plug-in-heavy mixes easily with 4x more Automatic Delay Compensation.

Achieve pristine sound
Get the highest fidelity and sound transparency when you choose Pro Tools | HD Series audio interfaces, sold separately. Capture audio in stunning clarity at up to 32-bit, 192 kHz resolution. Get more headroom—and less headaches—thanks to 64-bit floating-point processing. Have more room to push things further, without clipping or obsessive gain staging. And get significantly greater dynamic range to elevate your mixes.

Scale up your power
Need more tracks and inputs? Take on the most demanding sessions by simply adding an extra HDX card or two to your computer and go from 256 audio tracks up to a massive 768 with three cards. You can also add more inputs and outputs to your setup as your needs or business grows—up to 192 channels.

Work the way you want
Pro Tools | HDX is completely modular, so you can create the perfect rig for what you do. Connect your choice of Avid and/or third-party analog and digital audio interfaces. Work on a Mac or PC. Mix on your full system or on the go with just a laptop. Accelerate mixing by adding a control surface. Integrate into broadcast, post-production, and live sound environments with MADI. And sync your entire studio together as one with included Satellite technology to get the best sound possible.
Simultaneous voices 256 (up to 768 total)
Audio tracks* 256/128/64 (up to 768 total)
Latency** 0.7 ms
Instrument tracks 256
MIDI tracks 512
Aux tracks 512
Busses unlimited (Pro Tools 12.2 and up)
Channels of I/O 64 (up to 192 total)
Automatic Delay Compensation (ADC) 16,383 samples
Processing depth 32-bit floating point
Mixer depth 64-bit floating point
DSP power 18 x 350 MHz processors (T1)
* Audio tracks based on sample rates of 48/96/192 kHz, respectively. Installing additional cards will increase track counts to the maximum allowable.
** Latency calculated using a 96 kHz sample rate with a 64-sample buffer. Tests run using Pro Tools | HDX and Pro Tools | HD Native with Pro Tools | HD I/O, and Pro Tools | HD Accel with 192 I/O.
Mac with Intel Core i7 processor ("Ivy Bridge," "Haswell," or "Westmere" recommended) 
See the latest system requirements
8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
Internet connection for installation
15 GB disk space for installation; 2 GB additional space required for loop library installation (optional) 
USB port for iLok authorization 
PCIe slot for HDX or HD Native card (including one power connection on motherboard) or Thunderbolt port for HD Native, supported PCIe chassis or Core Audio-supported audio device
Supports 64-bit AAX DSP and AAX Native plug-ins
PC with Intel Xeon processor
Qualified Windows OS
See the latest system requirements
8 GB RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
Internet connection for installation
15 GB disk space for installation; 2 GB additional space required for loop library installation (optional)
USB port for iLok authorization 
PCIe slot for HDX or HD Native card (including one power connection on motherboard) or ASIO-supported audio device
Supports 64-bit AAX DSP and AAX Native plug-ins
  • Pro Tools | HDX card (audio interfaces sold separately)
  • Pro Tools | HD 12 software perpetual license
  • iLok (for software authorization)
  • Access to all new software releases, 25 bonus plug-ins, and ExpertPlus support for one year
  • Renew your Upgrade and Support plan for just $399/year through your Avid Account

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