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Aviom MH10F Merger Heb

Aviom MH10F Merger Heb
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Product Highlights

  • Distribute and merge up to 10 Pro64 A-Net streams over Cat-5e or fiber
  • 8 EtherCon bidirectional Pro64 A-Net ports
  • 2 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet SFP slots
  • Supports single- and multi-mode SFP fiber transceivers
  • Four-pin XLR Connector for optional backup DC power

The 10-port MH10f supports bidirectional parallel Pro64® connections with eight ports with EtherCon Cat-5 connections and two with integrated fiber optic connectivity.

In a digital snake application, place an MH10f in each rack at stage and FOH and connect the snake with a single Cat-5e cable.

For applications requiring cable runs in excess of 400ft/120m the built-in fiber ports allow the user to add single-mode or multi-mode SFP transceivers to connect Pro64 devices thousands of feet apart using fiber optic cabling.

The MH10f Merger Hub is similar to the familiar Ethernet switch, but with features and performance designed specifically for use in real-time streaming audio applications. The MH10f provides a way to build a Pro64® digital snake or audio network with parallel connections without sacrificing the ability to distribute signals bi-directionally throughout an installation.

The MH10f Merger Hub features the same basic functionality as the MH10 Merger Hub, but replaces ports 9 and 10 with 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet SFP slots which can be outfitted with either single- or multi-mode SFP fiber optic transceivers (available separately; no SFP modules ship with the product ). The MH10f can be combined in a Pro64 network with MH10 Merger Hubs as needed.

The MH10f merges the inputs from all ten ports, ensuring that all 64 active channels in the network are distributed back out all ten ports, regardless of the physical location of those inputs. Those 64 channels can be physically located off any combination of the ten ports, even if they go through multiple MH10 or MH10f hubs.

For larger networks, multiple MH10 and or MH10f Merger Hubs can be included in a single system without loss of performance.

The MH10f features the security of a rear-panel four-pin XLR connector for optional backup DC power.


SFP Fiber Optic Tranceivers

Single-mode or multi-mode fiber transceivers can be installed in the MH10f, depending on the needs of the application or the type of fiber cabling available. The fiber transceivers and fiber cable type (single/multi) must match in order to properly communicate.

Aviom has tested the following SFP fiber optic transceivers and found them to work with no problems:

  • LAN Basics model OT-2001 (multi-mode)
  • LAN Basics model SFP-3103 (single-mode)
  • Avago HFBR 57EOPZ
  • Finisar FTLF 1217P2BTL
  • Planet MGB-LX (single-mode)
  • Add-On Computer J4858C (single-mode) - also sold as the HP ProCurve compatible HP-J4858C and APC J4858C
LED Indicators A-Net Active, x10
A-Net 8 EtherCon® RJ45 connectors, rear panel
2 100Mbps Ethernet SFP fiber optic transceiver slots, rear panel
A- Net Cable Length 400 feet (120 meters) between devices (Cat-5e);
Fiber optic performance varies according to the type of transceivers used (single/multi)
SFP Transceiver Requirements: 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet; Class 1 laser device
SFP: use duplex LC connector
Supports Single-mode or Multi-mode fiber
Note: SFP transceivers must be purchased separately
Power Supply 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz, 24W
Internal switching type; IEC connector
Backup DC Power Inlet 24VDC, 2.0 amp max.
4-pin XLR (Pin 1: GND; Pin 4: 24VDC)
Dimensions 1U: 19"w x 8"d x 1.75"h (482.6 x 203 x 44 mm)
Weight 8 pounds (3.63 kg)

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